Is bitcoin (BTC) the key to monetary independence?

Is bitcoin (BTC) the key to monetary independence?

Every July 4, the EUnited States celebrating the end of independence. While some consider this day to be just a day of celebration, Mickey Koss, an economics graduate from West Point, wants to open the eyes of his fellow citizens to the use of bitcoin. What if Americans used this day to assert monetary freedom and defend freedom through the use of bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC): Freedom money?

Many people consider cryptocurrencies useless, without great interest and risk. Meanwhile, they are turning to traditional currencies that they believe are safer. The Declaration of Independence brought slow progress to the United States, and by the late 1700s, the Founding Fathers realized the value of scarce, hard money. Essentially, the agent is all concentrated in the hands of the guardians. This situation allowed them to hold all their powers and keep the people under control.

However, technology has come a long time ago and people are thinking of other ways to achieve financial freedom without being under the thumb of the government. In this sense, bitcoin freedom money is made. I wonder why? Simply because traditional currencies like the dollar give freedom to a country, bitcoin gives freedom to the world. In fact, BTC has the potential to bring peace to the world.

While fiat currencies are the result of many bloody battles, bitcoin fights against tyranny. In fact, managers are vigilant about this asset because they see its potential. Because of this, if bitcoin succeeds in adopting the current financial system, they will lose their power. Not only is bitcoin capable of acting without violence, but it also gains financial independence.

In fact, bitcoin has been disrupting social life for quite some time. More and more people are using their transactions, thus avoiding third-party intervention. In Afghanistan for example, women are building financial independence through bitcoin. In fact, in this country, it is forbidden for women to use or have money.

Do Western Nations Need BTC?

For centuries, western countries have believed that they are safe thanks to the financial system they have put in place. However, this system requires confidence to work. With all the money in the hands of certain people, you have to trust them if you want to achieve any stability. So banks and governments should be confident not to freeze your assets as soon as you are on their way. You also need to trust the central banks so that your currency is not depreciated.

All of this protocol pushes to the reflection to find out if one really has something. People who are successful in banks are usually proud of their decisions. But they do not realize that they are dominated by systems that could make them poor overnight. This is in line with Alex Gladstein’s statement that financial privilege forces people to look blindly at certain problems.

Because of this, Western nations need bitcoin. BTC could end the current inflation. As well as combating tyranny, it can also simplify the lives of consumers. How ? By creating a world where electricity is plentiful and cheap, a world where violence and government surpluses end. All you have to do is a little accountability and a 12-24 word seed phrase.

As the United States celebrates Independence Day, Mickey Koss looks back at the limits of the current financial system and urges people to open their eyes and make the best choice. For him, only bitcoin could give them freedom.

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