Invest in Bitcoin (BTC) now

Invest in Bitcoin (BTC) now

Invest in bitcoin (BTC) before the dollar crashes, suggests Robert Kiyosaki. In addition to the fact that this successful businessman and best-selling author has always had a grudge against the Fed, he has a deep belief that crypto is still an investment opportunity.

Robert Kiyosaki predicts a dollar crash in 2023

Robert Kiyosaki is a successful businessman, investor and best-selling author. He is also a motivational speaker. He is particularly famous for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, a work (masterpiece) on personal finance, a bestseller. This financial expert and crypto enthusiast recommends that investors invest in bitcoin as the value of the dollar continues to climb. After that, he says, it will be too late since the dollar will crash. It will be January 2023.

He warns investors that this crash will affect bitcoin and precious metals. The Fed’s monetary policy would be at the root of this event which he describes as a financial cataclysm. He explains: “The United States is borrowing too much money and keeping interest rates low. Low interest rates force the country to borrow more dollars to buy more bonds and keep interest rates low. This creates inflation and the interest rate rises. Debt becomes too expensive. The US dollar is dying”.

Invest in bitcoin (BTC) before it’s too late

For Robert Kiyosaki, bitcoin, gold and silver are the best protection against such an economic environment. The value of these assets, which he describes as “safe havens”, will continue to fall, he says, as long as the US dollar continues to rise. Over the past year, the US dollar has gradually strengthened against other major world currencies.

Robert Kiyosaki recommends bitcoin (BTC) to investors.

This strengthening of the USD corresponds to the fall of more than 50% of the market capitalization of bitcoin in the last twelve months. According to experts, now is a good time to enter the crypto market, even though prices are still low. Also according to these experts, the cryptocurrency market will rise in the coming years. Those who invest now will clearly benefit from this dynamic.

Take the example of the American pension fund system

Robert Kiyosaki has always maintained a clear position regarding the Fed: he does not trust it. That’s why he prefers to be a supporter of asset classes that the Fed cannot directly influence. Among these assets, he mentions bitcoin, which he considers “real”. The US dollar is counterfeit money, he says. It is, so to speak, just a giant IOU. The best thing is to invest in bitcoin, as the US public pension fund system does.

In the United States, these institutional investors would be heavy users of cryptocurrencies. Government sponsored retirement funds are more likely to be invested in crypto assets. These conclusions come from a recent study by CFA Institute, an association of investment professionals.

Robert Kiyosaki is facing an unprecedented financial crisis. Faced with what, here’s his advice. Investing your money is better than saving it, he says. Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general present themselves as an excellent investment opportunity. However, there is a golden rule to follow: you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

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