Internet users are turning to Web3 at the expense of Bitcoin

Internet users are turning to Web3 at the expense of Bitcoin

Google search trends show the topics people are most passionate about around the world. In recent years, they have shown that people are more interested in blockchain-based applications. Recently, we used Google Trends to find out how popular Web3 and Bitcoin are around the world. Find out the results obtained.

Interest in bitcoin (BTC) transfers to Web3

According to the Google Trends platform, searches around the keyword “Web3” have recently increased on the Internet. Meanwhile, the ones related to the keyword “Bitcoin” have decreased significantly since July 2022. This shows that the crypto community around the world has started to transfer interest in bitcoin (BTC) to Web3 for several months.

Explanation of Google Trends data

The drop in global Bitcoin searches on Google is likely due to the prolonged bear market. It must be said that these searches are at their lowest level for over a year. At the same time, Google searches for Web3 are recurring during this year.

Specifically, from October 9 to 15, the interest for Web3 was 72. During the same period, it was only 27 for Bitcoin. But, from June 12-18, it was at 100 for the crypto flagship.

Chinese more interested in Web3, Salvadorans focused more on flagship cryptos

An in-depth analysis of Google Trends data shows that there are more searches around Web3 in China than anywhere else. China is followed by Singapore, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Cyprus. In the case of searches around Bitcoin, El Salvador is in first place. It is followed by: Nigeria, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Therefore, Nigeria is in the top three countries on the list of people who search the most Web3 term and on the list of those who search the most Bitcoin. This proves how much interest the Nigerian population has in these technologies. The government is also leading discussions with the exchange Binance for an economic zone favorable to cryptos.

Google Trends reveals that Web3 is currently more popular than bitcoin (BTC). In addition, Internet users seem to be looking more and more for the phrase “Bitcoin dead”. This indicates that the market is a sign investors are worried.

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