In vitro fertilization (IVF) and bitcoin babies (BTC)!

In vitro fertilization (IVF) and bitcoin babies (BTC)!

Bitcoin is not a fad, it comes to the rescue of humanity in its quest for financial freedom, a better alternative to fiat. You will not be surprised to know that restaurants, jewellers, dispensaries and establishments of all kinds accept it as a method of payment. Even fertility clinics are attracted to bitcoin, to the point of accepting cryptocurrency from parents looking for bitcoin babies.

The first baby bitcoin was born in 2013

The blockchain and cryptocurrency press echoed the birth of the first child BTC 9 years ago. Where do you think this happened? In the center of Dr. C. Terence Lee, Fertility Care of Orange County, in Bray, California.

Lee, who was one of the first geek specialists to accept bitcoin, did not hide his joy when this great made in vitro fertilization within his clinic. That’s why you didn’t hesitate to show the photo of the baby bitcoin by looping it on a projection screen. The statement “This child was born thanks to bitcoinssometimes accompanying this image.

The first bitcoin baby, conceived at Dr Lee’s fertility clinic

Make no mistake, this baby was not bought on some black market. In fact, their conception was the result of an embryo transfer that facilitated payment in bitcoin for the treatment.

The affection of the parents surprised Dr. Lee, despite a sign stating that it was accepting electronic forms of payment such as Visa and bitcoin.

We see between 10 and 40 patients a day, and no one bothered to ask what the sign meant.“, he emphasized.

Fortunately, a patient was previously convinced of his male fertility assessment plan, offering sperm for 15 BTC (equivalent to $75). Saying that a few months later, a pro-bitcoin couple took the seed. It was at 4e try with Lee.

And that allowed us to give birth to the first bitcoin baby.

Delivery of other bitcoin children

Of course, after 2013 there were other bitcoin babies. Admittedly, it’s difficult to study them diachronically with the few elements we have on hand, but evidence on Reddit has tipped us off to their existence.

Last week, specifically on July 12, u/LiteratureUsual614 talked about the birth of his bitcoin child in 2020. One piece of BTC was enough for the operation. That was $9,000 at the time.

Source: Reddit

Another Reddit user named douff also admitted that he sold 1 BTC to achieve in vitro fertilization a year earlier. Same case for Mullick who spent 21 BTC on the same operation without experiencing the same fate. Fortunately her patience was rewarded with a child obtained by natural means.

Aside from a few quips from the crypto community on Reddit, the author of the original post received an avalanche of kudos. We have selected all the best for you:

This is the first time I read a post about someone selling bitcoins for something more valuable. Good luck!»

Browsing through in vitro fertilization and birth records related to Boston IVF clinics that accept bitcoin, we can certainly highlight some no less interesting cases of BTC babies. The Boston IVF is an institution of 30 American fertility clinics that rely on the bitcoin-based genetic data tracking system, Eggschain. Looking forward to the publication of new stories to revive pro-bitcoin parents handicapped by the problem of infertility!

Sources: Reddit; CNN Business; Cointelegraph

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