In El Salvador historical stage “Bitcoin (BTC)”

In El Salvador historical stage "Bitcoin (BTC)"

Mi Primer Bitcoin is an international bitcoin (BTC) education project in El Salvador. In fact, it is not a question of imposing the queen’s use of cryptocurrencies, but a question of explaining to the population the whole ecosystem that President Nayib Bukele strongly supports. On Saturday, June 25, 2022, 38 public school students graduated from Bitcoin in an unprecedented 10-week program in El Salvador.

Bitcoin (BTC) legal tender in El Salvador

On September 7, 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin (BTC) as a legal tender. The goal of course is to free itself from the dollar, the country’s official currency since 2001, and from any general oversight, as described on the “Mi Primer Bitcoin” site:

Our vision is of a world where people have more power over their own lives, where innovation is not allowed, where censorship is difficult, and where money is separated from government or other centralized institutions.. »

Nayib Bukele, by all odds, is a maximum bitcoin and has reached its full potential: the establishment of bitcoin (BTC), boosted the tourism industry and boosted GDP of this small country in Central America under the auspices of the United States. Of course, accepting bitcoin for the population is not so simple, if it is not attached to it. And doesn’t it make sense to start school?

10 week school program dedicated to bitcoin (BTC)

To organize this free program, you needed: a place, training, funds.

The place : the Ignacio Pacheco Castro education complex (the “Pacheco”) in San Marcos located a few kilometers from the capital.

Funds : Ibex Mercado is a Guatemala company dedicated exclusively to bitcoin (BTC) and has been operating in El Salvador since June 2021. The company has brought in financial resources from hundreds of people around the world.

Training : Mi Primer Bitcoin is a non – profit foundation. Its mission: to provide impartial and quality education in El Salvador. Mi Primer Bitcoin tutorial team started classes on April 23, 2022.

mi primer salvador bitcoin

Historic stage

38 students graduated at the end of their course, a historic first. It’s far from over as a new class of lessons began at La Pacheco on Saturday July 2nd. A second school since June 28 has benefited from this training in Ataco, which is still in El Salvador.

In both schools, free lessons will be provided to teachers, parents and the surrounding community through the Mi Primer Bitcoin Society.

mi primer salvador bitcoin
Photo Credit: Mi Primer Bitcoin

Innovative and ever-changing training

The second session of this new course dedicated to bitcoin already has a second version, the students, through their interactions, make it possible to permanently improve the training, the third version is planned for September 2022 with their the program includes new schools.
My Bitcoin Primer always looking for teachers to teach initial bitcoin lessons anywhere in the world.

Mi Primer Bitcoin website.

A school curriculum dedicated to bitcoin, all governments should offer it rather than reject cryptocurrencies en masse. Revolution is on the way, so instead of leaving people in the dark, wouldn’t it be better to train them? Mi Primer Bitcoin is backed by major companies such as Bitrefill which broadcast on its Youtube channel an interview with Gloriana Solano explaining how Mi Primer Bitcoin works (in Spanish).

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Mary Batshwok

Subprime, financial crises, galloping inflation, tax havens … Bitcoin was designed for more transparency and possibly to eventually change the game. I try to understand this new environment and I try to explain it to myself. The road is long, no doubt, but it’s worth it.

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