Huge Growth Ahead: This cryptocurrency could rise 9,000% – faster than Bitcoin and Axie Infinity

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The main goal of a crypto investment is of course price increases, after all the investments should have a positive long-term impact on your own assets. The following applies: the faster and larger the growth, the better.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Axie Infinity (AXS) have already shown how rapid increases in value can look. But now two new signs are opening that could go through the roof several thousand percentage points in the near future.

DeFi Coin (DEFC): +430% in less than 12 hours

Even if Bitcoin and Co. have continued their bearish price developments over the past few days, one signal in particular has resisted the general price decline in the industry: the DeFi Coin (DEFC). Bitcoin has only recently reached its lowest level since 2020, and DEFC investors, on the other hand, got it right.

Within just two hours, on May 6, 2022, DeFi Coin jumped in price outstanding. From the previous € 0.1, the price rose to more than € 0.53, corresponding to almost 430% growth.

But investors should not be satisfied with that and take the big profit with them, because the DEFC project is designed to hold the digital coins in the long run. It is not without reason that analysts and price forecasts are predicting higher values ​​for DeFi Coin in the coming years, which should make investors positive.

DeFi Coin price forecast: price growth of several thousand percentage points countless

Few cryptocurrencies have such promising price predictions as DeFi Coin. After all, the project has an exciting strategy to convince investors to keep their signals long-term.

If you trust the analysts at, then DEFC has a bright future ahead of it. By 2030, the DeFi base could rise from the current € 0.35 to € 3 per token, which would mean an increase of more than 750%.

The financial magazine Technewsleader is even more positive than and even believes that DEFC can reach a price of € 10.90 by 2030. That would be over 3,000% growth in less than eight years, which investors would welcome it.

The experts from also comment on the DeFi coin. In reality they are worth € 0.7 by the end of 2026, which would be at least twice the current price.

Overall, the future of DEFC seems very promising, according to the forecasts, which can be a worthwhile investment considering the unique concept behind DeFi Coin.

What is a DeFi Coin?

Some crypto fans may be familiar with the DeFi Swap exchange, the platform offers liquidity and farming pools as well as numerous token exchanges. With the DeFi Coin (DEFC), the exchange launched its own native crypto token in December 2021, which pursues specific goals.

DeFi Coin’s focus is decentralization, created through strong proximity and community influence. The proof-of-burn algorithm provides an energy-saving alternative to the proof-of-work restoration method used by Bitcoin.

The great feature that comes with DeFi Coin is the Static Rewards, ie continuous rewards. All long – term holders of DEFC benefit from all swaps and coin sales as the developers have imposed a 10% fee.

50% of this 10% fee is shared directly among all DEFC holders, and is determined by their ownership of the available tokens. So if you keep 1% of all DeFi coins in your wallet, you will receive 1% of half of the 10% fee per transaction.

This compares DeFi coins to stocks that regularly pay dividends. Thus the number of DEFC properties automatically increases, resulting in exponential growth.

In addition comes the automatic liquidity pool available for the project to investors. Overall, everything indicates that DeFi Coin will continue to increase in value in the coming years, which is why investment may still be worthwhile.

Lucky Block Coins: A promising betting token with great potential

Another crypto token that is likely to see strong growth of thousands of percent is the Lucky Block Coin LBLOCK. The indigenous signal of the upcoming blockchain lottery showed significant price increases of close to 900% after the initial offer in spring 2022.

In fact, LBLOCK hit all the headlines as no other cryptocurrency has surpassed the $ 1 billion market cap as fast as Lucky Block Coin. The fact that the smile sign can make the faces of its investors smile in the long run shows the great potential of the project.

Lucky Block won 2 million

Using Binance Smart Chain, Smart Contracts and their own cryptocurrency, Lucky Block presents a new type of online lottery that aims to tackle suspicious internet casinos. Lucky Block not only creates a new level of transparency and security, but also a unique winning principle that promises special fairness.

The jackpot is shared at each draw, so only 70% of the total prize goes to the winner. The other 30% support not only all other LBLOCK holders, but also Lucky Block nonprofit organizations and marketing department.

In fact, the first Lucky Block lottery is scheduled to take place later this month. It is not yet clear, however, on which day in May 2022 the big event will take place. But one thing is for sure: if you want to take part in the jackpot lottery, you should buy LBLOCK coins in advance.

Long-term holdings may also be worthwhile for Lucky Block Coins: is forecasting growth of approximately 8,900% by 2030. The experts from websites like TheCoinNews or CryptoPredictions are similarly positive, which is why we can recommend LBLOCK as an investment.

How to enter the Lucky Block Lottery

Here’s how to enter the Lucky Block Lottery in three easy steps:

Step 1: Buy BNB

First, BNB coins are required, which we can purchase on the Lucky Block website.

Buy BNB on Lucky Block

Step 2: BNB Exchange for LBLOCK

In the second step we transfer the BNB coins to our MetaMask wallet and go to Through “How to Buy” and “Buy Lucky Block” we have the opportunity to link our wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet To Buy”.

We can easily exchange our Binance Coin for LBLOCK on BSC Mainnet Exchange.

Step 3: Wait for lottery

Now we have already successfully purchased the LBLOCK tokens and can keep them safe in our wallet. All that remains to be done then is to wait for the Lucky Block Lottery, which will take place for the first time in May.

Lucky block lottery

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