How To More Than Double Your Bitcoin In One Year –

How To More Than Double Your Bitcoin In One Year -

Want to use your Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum assets profitably?

One way to make a big profit with little effort, regardless of the direction the market is moving, is an interest wallet. With the right wallet, you can not only invest your cryptocurrencies securely, but also double their value within a year.


Interest wallet ArbiSmart (RBIS) project currently being conducted for various reasons. First, it is market resistant, which means you can continue to earn a reliable passive profit in a downturn or against a trend. It also boasts industry-leading returns of up to 147% per annum and offers customized solutions to suit every wallet holder. The ArbiSmart wallet supports a wide range of FIAT and digital currencies and offers a wide range of savings plans, where the funds can be settled in whole or in part for different periods of time.

We look at the entire ArbiSmart ecosystem by examining the project, how the wallet works, and the native token’s prospects for the wallet holder’s profit.

What is the ArbiSmart project?

ArbiSmart is an interest earning wallet and financial service provider powered by the RBIS token. Since its inception in early 2019, the EU approved project to record steady growth and continues to gain traction.


In January 2022, the RBIS token was listed on the exchange for the first time and has since been on several high-level exchanges as Sushi Swap and Uniswap traded, and more are being added all the time. RBIS is growing in popularity and is attracting the attention of major crypto providers such as Coinbase which has published a guide on how to buy the RBIS token.

How much can you earn with ArbiSmart wallet?

ArbiSmart wallet allows users to earn passive profit from major FIAT currencies such as EUR, GBP and USD, as well as from major cryptocurrencies from established names such as BTC, BNB, COMP, ETH, XRP, AAVE and USDT to up-and-coming currencies such as APE, MANA, LINK and AXS and many more. The platform offers interest rates of up to 147% per annum on RBIS and up to 49% per annum on all other supported currencies.

How much can you earn with ArbiSmart wallet?

Interest is paid daily and wallet holders can automatically deposit the daily interest into an open account for instant access at any time. Alternatively, they can earn a higher interest rate by allowing the interest to remain in the savings account along with the principal on which it accrues. If you get the daily interest in RBIS, even if the savings plan is in GBP or BTC, the interest rate increases even more.

RBIS balances earn the highest interest, but holding the RBIS token could be beneficial in other ways.

Firstly, it gives voting rights, with one RBIS equaling one vote. Therefore, the more RBIS a voucher holder has, the more influence they have on the future direction of the project. The more RBIS a wallet holder has, the higher their account status and the account status determines how much interest they earn on all stored currencies.

In times of cryptocurrency crisis, ArbiSmart wallet holders chose to hold large amounts of RBIS to earn high interest rates on their FIAT and stablecoins, which means that the native token is able to survive even in a bear market – Market to show an upward trend.

This growth is currently being fueled by the expansion of the ArbiSmart ecosystem. Several new utilities will be launched in the second half of 2022, which would increase the demand for tokens and lead to higher interest rates on capital in all FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

What else is in store for the project for 2022?

In 2019, ArbiSmart gave a encrypted arbitrage-Service a, automated trading system that generates passive profits from 10.8% to 45% per year depending on the size of the investment.

ArbiSmart NFT project underway

Starting next month, in Q3, the project will expand its service portfolio by introducing several new RBIS utilities, starting with a mobile version of the wallet. Almost immediately after, a collection of 10,000 unique digital artworks will launch, as well as a marketplace to buy and sell non-tradable tokens (NFTs). In a few weeks, ArbiSmart will launch a decentralized yield farming service that will reward up to 190,000% of annual profits as well as 0.3% in fees from all trades when they involve their capital. ArbiSmart also plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange later this year and a game-earning metro where users can buy, develop and sell virtual property for profit.

All of these future services will require the consumption of RBIS, and as new services are introduced into the ArbiSmart ecosystem in the future, they will also be powered by the native signal. Thus, the demand for tokens will increase and the supply, which is capped at 450M RBIS, will decrease with each new service, pushing the price higher.

The fact that all services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem are interconnected further increases the liquidity and demand for RBIS. Once an RBIS holder has purchased an NFT from the Marketplace, it can be used as an in-game item in the Metaverse. In addition, there are incentives to cross-utilize utilities, so owning an NFT equates to a higher return in annual returns.

With the proven growth and continued expansion of the ArbiSmart network in the coming months, the RBIS token shows incredible promise. This is especially important for wallet holders, as strong capital gains mean much higher gains for balances in all supported currencies. You can Buy RBIS here, before the new applications are introduced and the price increases.

To start making passive profits without matching your digital and traditional currencies in a bull or bear market, now is the time to open an ArbiSmart interest generating wallet!

Last updated on August 1, 2022

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