How to increase your bitcoin by 5,000% by the end of 2022

How to increase your bitcoin by 5,000% by the end of 2022

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As the bearish trend continues into the fall, Bitcoin holders have already seen the currency temporarily dip below the $20,000 threshold.

In the current market conditions, some coins are even rising, such as RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart-Project. ArbiSmart is a rapidly growing financial services ecosystem. It offers several bearish-proof utilities that have made it a popular choice among crypto investors. analyzed According to them, RBIS will rise to 30 times its current value by the end of the year and will climb even higher in the first quarter of 2023.


The perfect project in case of an accident

The perfect project in case of an accident
When it comes to making money from your cryptocurrency in a mark market, many of the options are very risky or require constant observation of the market.

With the automated crypto arbitrage service However, ArbiSmart allows users to deposit money and then let the algorithm take over. This converts the funds into the native token RBIS and uses them to generate reliable passive profits of up to 45% per year. The exact amount depends on the size of the investment and remains the same no matter which direction the market moves.

Crypto arbitrage works by exploiting price inefficiencies. These are short periods of time where a coin is offered on different exchanges at the same time at different prices. Inefficiencies persist regardless of market conditions. There are many reasons for this, for example B. Trade volume differs between larger and smaller exchanges.

ArbiSmart’s automated system is connected to 35 exchanges, where it tracks hundreds of crypto assets 24/7, looking for temporary inefficiencies. He buys the asset at the lowest bid price and immediately sells it at the highest bid price to make a profit on the trading range.

Another way ArbiSmart enables crypto owners to generate stable profits even in a bear market is through its recently launched interest wallet. Users get the same interest rates in both bull and bear markets while earning unmatched rates of up to 147% on 25 FIAT and various supported cryptocurrencies.

The funds can be made available interest-free or invested in savings plans for periods of 1 month, 3 months, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years, and the return is higher the longer the funds are invested. Interest, paid daily, can also be transferred to an available balance that you can access at any time, or added at a higher interest rate to the invested savings it is earned on.

The exact amount of interest a wallet holder earns is determined by their account status
The exact amount of interest earned by a wallet holder is determined by their share account status
determined based on the amount of RBIS he owns. The larger their native token, the higher the interest rate they earn on balances in all supported currencies from BTC and ETH to EUR and USD.

Wallet holders can open a savings plan in RBIS to earn an interest rate three times higher than savings plans in any other currency. However, if they want to keep their savings plan in preferred currency without converting it to RBIS, they can do so and still increase their income by benefiting from daily interest in RBIS.

Major expansion efforts

Major expansion efforts towards NFTs as well
The ArbiSmart ecosystem is in the middle of a huge growth spurt that started in July with the launch of the new wallet. At the end of Q3, the development team will launch a mobile application to buy, exchange and store digital assets. Almost immediately after this will be the release of a DeFi protocol that will be different from all the other protocols available today as it will include unique gaming features. The protocol will enable return investors to borrow funds and provide liquidity for rewards that include up to 190,000% of annual profits plus 0.3% of the fees charged on each trade.

In Quarter 4, the team will also release a marketplace to buy and sell non-tradable tokens (NFTs) and an exclusive ArbiSmart collection of unique digital artworks. This was soon followed by the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a game-to-earn metro where participants can buy, place and sell virtual properties to make a real profit.

This long list of new ArbiSmart services is being rolled out rapidly, offering new potential revenue streams, from income generation to NFT investing to trading and gaming.

All these new services will be linked, which means that better terms will be secured when using one service while using another. For example, by buying ArbiSmart NFT, a yield investor benefits from a digital investment as well as an opportunity to increase his score on the DeFi protocol and increase his annual profit.

200 percent increase in just 2 weeks

The value of the RBIS token has already increased by more than 200% in the last two weeks and continues to increase at a rapid pace. This is largely due to the growing demand for the sign.

All ArbiSmart ecosystem services require the use of the RBIS token. Due to the growing popularity of the crypto arbitrage system, because it provides excellent protection against falling prices, and the growing dynamics of the new wallet, the use of the token will increase. Since its launch in July this year, the wallet has gained traction, and as more people gradually exit RBIS into linked long-term savings plans, the supply available will decrease. Demand will continue to grow with the launch of many new RBIS utilities planned for this winter.

200 percent increase in just 2 weeks
There is a limit to the supply of signals, ie there is a permanent limit to the amount that can be generated. Therefore, if the increasing demand for the token exceeds the decreasing supply, the price of the RBIS will rise, giving RBIS owners profits from the increase in the value of the token. RBIS continues to rise, according to analysts’ estimates, and now is the right time to jump in before it becomes unaffordable.

Crypto investors looking to make profits from their bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, even in a bear market, can start today with open a wallet now!

Last updated on September 29, 2022

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