How does Bitcoin (BTC) promote financial inclusion?

How does Bitcoin (BTC) promote financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion is a major issue that has the power to drive social cohesion around the world. Over time, geopolitical, social and economic factors widen the gap between the pubs and those who don’t. Facing this endemic phenomenon, Bitcoin (BTC) promises to participate in the development of a fairer world.

Crypto to facilitate trading

Cross-border money transfers are an important activity in the economic life of people living in developing countries. They can use it to pay the tuition fees of their relatives who have gone to study abroad or to receive money from parents who have emigrated. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs work with customers located outside their country, and who may be against high transaction fees or use digital payment methods that are not accessible in their state for reasons of security, profitability or regulation. Bitcoin allows sending and receiving money anywhere and at a lower cost. In addition, BTC has the advantage of allowing fast and accessible transactions for everyone.

Bitcoin to prevent inflation

Fiat money has a strong political component. In fact, depending on the government’s decisions, it can lose its value overnight. Recently, inflation has peaked (9.1% in the United States and 8.9% in the euro area). That said, hyperinflation is one of the main signs of a failing monetary system. This phenomenon can destabilize economies around the world and, in particular, lead to a reduction in household purchasing power. Bitcoin appears to be an excellent store of value. In fact, there will only ever be a maximum of 21 million BTC. This is a great advantage in preserving one’s financial assets.

For a long time, the speculative aspect of bitcoin took precedence over its intrinsic value. Now more than ever, with rising inflation and the current economic crisis, it’s time to change things.

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