How does Bitcoin (BTC) give us more freedom?

How does Bitcoin (BTC) give us more freedom?

Money is a powerful concept at the heart of our daily concerns. Financial freedom isn’t just about making a lot of money, it’s also about controlling what you earn and what you do with it. In the centralized world we live in, we don’t have as much control over our money as we’d like to believe. Bitcoin is the key to freedom. He takes control and gives it back to those who own it: us.

How does the government control our money?

What is bitcoin?

Come to think of it, bitcoin is pretty simple. It is a decentralized concept of money transfer. Decentralized means that unlike government-controlled fiat currencies, bitcoin is not controlled by a third person or entity. It is a digital currency that allows secure, peer-to-peer transactions over the Internet.

But how does this allow? All transactions go through blockchain. It is a database, like a ledger, that lists all the operations performed by each user. Of course, since it is decentralized, the blockchain is not controlled by any entity and can be used and consulted by anyone.

Bitcoin prevents the Government from controlling your life

The big issue we face with fiat money is taxation. In fact, all over the world, States impose compulsory levies on their citizens on their income, earnings, capital, etc. Furthermore, the value of our currency is determined by the government. Through its central bank, the government sets the interest rates granted to commercial banks. These then pass them on to those donated to families and businesses. This is where bitcoin challenges the traditional system. Any entity only determines its value by supply and demand. And beyond the financial aspect, in a world where personal data is constantly being harvested by big companies, Bitcoin seems to protect our privacy. In fact, the cryptography that governs the operation of Bitcoin guarantees a certain confidentiality of content.

Thanks to Web3, we are slowly moving towards a fully decentralized system and universe. It seems only a matter of time before more people recognize and embrace the potential of cryptocurrencies.

To carry out,

Bitcoin represents the originator of a revolutionary concept. This concept allowed the creation and construction of all other cryptocurrencies. It is quite amazing how cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially, going so far as to beat the government. Cryptocurrency definitely has a financial future and how we will manage our money. About freedom!

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