Hoseki ready to accelerate Bitcoin (BTC) growth

Hoseki ready to accelerate Bitcoin (BTC) growth

Stillmark is the first bitcoin-focused venture capital firm (BTC). So it invests in protecting and supporting products and technologies that enable bitcoin fundamentals to promote it. This year, Stillmark is leading a round of investment in partnership with Hoseki. What does this new collaboration mean for bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world?

Hoseki closes funding round led by Stillmark

The relationship between Hoseki and Bitcoin

Hoseki bills himself as the excellent proof service for those who invest in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Its role is to build an ecosystem around Bitcoin’s native economy. What would be the benefit of such an intervention? This allows users to verify their assets and then use them in a more accessible way. With Hoseki’s intervention, the Bitcoin economy is gaining momentum and becoming more active. Hoseki intervention provides a more standard asset proof service for bitcoin holders.

Recently, on May 16, 2022, in Texas, Hoseki closed its investment. It was a process led by StillMark. But some other venture capital investment organizations also support this seed fundraising. Hoseki has already partnered with 50 traditional lenders as well as mortgage brokers. These accept all proof of asset documents from Hoseki. The most famous investors in this round of funding are Castle Island Ventures and Avon Ventures.

What happened in Austin was a so – called fundraiserboot“. Previously, Hoseki had already raised the amount of pre-seed funding. It was owned by Castle Island Ventures, not to mention the extent of the involvement.

Hoseki eye test launched for Bitcoin proof product

By the end of this year, Hoseki plans to launch an open source beta of its product. With the support of more than 50 partners, product launch should be no problem. At the same time, it plans to use its capital to sustain the development of its products.

The service offered by Hoseki can only be a lifeline for the bitcoin economy. It fosters growth that has not been experienced before. That said, Hoseki is able to provide easy proof of ownership to all bitcoin holders. Moreover, their vision is to provide bitcoin holders with documentation of digital asset ownership, on a global scale.

With Hoseki, many lenders and brokers are realizing the value of bitcoin-backed loans. So they readily support Hoseki’s vision in trying to harness the power of this asset.


This round of investment coupled with the open beta test is a boon to the Bitcoin economy. This is a service provided by Hoseki that will only further enhance the potential of this asset. Especially since Bitcoin is now attracting the attention of some investors on a planetary scale.

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