Honduras officially launches “Bitcoin Valley”.

Honduras officially launches “Bitcoin Valley”.

Honduras has long shown a particular interest in bitcoin (BTC), ever since El Salvador adopted the currency. Attracted by the example of this country, the Honduran authorities proceeded to the official address of “Bitcoin Valley”. It is an area bitcoin friendly located in the tourist enclave of Santa Lucia.

The goal of Bitcoin Valley

Honduras wants to be among the most prominent countries when it comes to using the cryptocurrency king. According to s tweet from Bitcoin Magazine, the authorities of this country have formally launched the “Bitcoin Valley”. In this field, anyone can transactions using BTC.

Therefore, Cesar Andino, manager of a commercial place in the area, points out that “people are able to buy ice cream with cryptocurrencies on the streets of Bitcoin Valley”. It also shows the purpose of this initiative: “It will open up more opportunities and attract more people who want to use this currency.”

An initiative that will expand

It should be noted that the “Bitcoin Valley” will focus mainly on a sixty shops. It may expand later, over time. We owe this initiative to the Honduras Blockchain organization, the Technological University of Honduras, the consortium of crypto exchanges Coincaex and the municipality of Santa Lucia.

It is clear that Latin American countries are thinking outside the box and are constantly innovating with the aim of establishing new initiatives in favor of cryptocurrencies. After El Salvador, it is the turn of Honduras to join the ranks of “Bitcoin-Nations”, despite opposition from its central bank. What is the next country on the list?

Honduras is innovating by creating a “Bitcoin Valley,” an area where locals and tourists can transact using cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC). This is the first time that such an initiative has been implemented in the country and it is expected that it will be extended to other regions. It is clear that cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular.

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