Here’s why you should buy Ethereum (ETH) before the end of the year!

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Despite The Merge, Ethereum continues to fall, like the entire market. Still, many analysts remain bullish on the asset. Some even believe that it could find the threshold of 2,000 dollars again by the end of the year. And so get the course he had less than 45 days ago. Are they right to be so confident? Let’s look at their arguments!

The state of the ETH price!

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s focus on the recent evolution of the ETH token. For the ETH token, the past few months have been hectic. Influenced by him, like the vast majority of crypto projects at the bear market, the asset continued to flirt dangerously with the $1,000 level until mid-July. Before the craze surrounding “The Merge” was felt when a mid-September date was first mentioned. This craze carried Ethereum over $2,000 in mid-August. But since then, Ethereum has gone down again. It seems that many investors have bought the rumor to sell the news.

The following graph, available from the Tradingview platform, shows the price of Ethereum over the last 3 months:

The state of the ETH price!

If the MACD of the asset seems to be giving sell signals, the RSI at 36.84 usually indicates that the signal is still underbought. Therefore, it could be a good investment over a long-term approach. At the time of writing, the ETH token is trading against $1,291, down almost 8% in 24 hours after yesterday marked by a rise of the same proportions.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Are we heading for an influx of institutional investors?

Ethereum continues to attract more interest from institutional investors. As evidenced by the recent report published by CoinShares which indicates that the amount of investment on Ethereum increased by $7 million in the week after The Merge. For many institutions, The Merge has completely changed the game. By switching from a Proof of Work protocol to a Proof of Stake protocol, the blockchain reduced its carbon footprint by more than 99.9%. A significant feature for many institutional investors who have, until now, refused to invest in these energy-intensive assets. Like what Tesla was able to do to quit Bitcoin in May 2021. For many, the Decarbonization of Ethereum it could be the number 1 factor in the interest of new investors.

Many analysts also believe that the market has already bottomed or is about to bottom. This element could also be an entry point for other institutions and/or contribute to strengthening existing positions. If institutional investors came back strongly on Ethereum it would be inevitable that individual investors would come back. A feature that could reliably fuel the rise around ETH. At the end of the last quarter of 2022, some analysts believe that Ethereum could return to the $2,000 threshold.

The Ethereum blockchain: more and more used?

If the influx of buyers and investors is a defining aspect of the evolution of the token price, the use of blockchain is also a parameter to consider. The two are often linked. In any case, this is what Bank of America thinks, which recently showed that the merger would be beneficial for the ETH token, but also for its blockchain.

As the environmental issue has often been a stumbling block for institutional investors, it has also been the case for a number of developers and project leaders. If The Merge does not provide a precise answer to certain problems of the Ethereum blockchain, the ecological aspect does not seem to matter anymore. Ultimately, The Merge should be able to integrate new features that respond to Ethereum problems like the lack of scalability or the sometimes high transaction costs.

Tamadoge: Take a chance!

If Ethereum could regain the $2,000 threshold, other small projects are starting to emerge. This is the case especially Tamadoge which, despite the bear market, has a successful launch. There is a native token of the Tamadoge project, the TAMA. Within the Tamadoge ecosystem, which is nothing more and nothing less than a blockchain game, players can acquire virtual creatures, in the form of NFTs, As with tamagotchis, the goal will be to take care of your virtual creatures , by training them. , equipping them or by feeding them so that they evolve.

Within the ecosystem, users can compete against each other and earn TAMA token rewards. The project has just completed its pre-sale. A pre-sale that raised 19 million dollars in less than 8 weeks. The TAMA asset is now present on the OKX platform. In a few weeks, other exchanges could follow the movement and increase the visibility of the project. As of this writing, the token is trading for $0.02402. By the end of the year, the Petstore will be open to receive the first NFTs. In the first quarter of 2022 Tamaverse, the internal metaverse, will be deployed. It is within the Tamavers that players will be able to evolve.

The Bitcoin Policy Institute is campaigning for bitcoin and stablecoins at the expense of CBDC!

The Bitcoin Policy Institute is campaigning for bitcoin and stablecoins at the expense of CBDC!

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