Here’s why Solana (SOL) could explode as AiDoge (AI) raises $13 million in capital

Here's why Solana (SOL) could explode as AiDoge (AI) raises $13 million in capital

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A top analyst sees fallen Ethereum competitor Solana (SOL) on the verge of an explosive move. On the other hand, meme coin phenomenon AiDoge (AI) is approaching $13 million in capital raised to make big progress. Was it worth buying before the price goes up?

Solana – just another joke?

Solana was considered a serious competitor to the Ethereum (ETH) smart contract platform. But then came the numerous network failures – and finally the bitter FTX fiasco dealt the coin course the death blow.

Solana is currently trading at just $19.48 – a far cry from the high of $260 previously set in November 2021 (data from Many investors seem to have already written off the asset. New low: Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin makes fun of the SOL ecosystem!

At a conference, the programmer dresses up in strange robes, poses as Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko – and mocks his claim that Solana is “the most scalable blockchain in the world”! If you want to see the show for yourself – here you go:

In short: Solana is not having an easy time right now. If you still want to get started: Buying Solana with PayPal is a convenient option. A new analysis by industry observer Raoul Pal could soon turn the tide. Pal’s comments: Solana’s charts would indicate a reversal of the downtrend to the uptrend. Pale in his prognosis:

“Solana looks set for the next upleg after a period of consolidation following April’s breakout of the head and shoulders inverse pattern. Solana made a big bet at GMI this year and it’s up almost 150% year to date…”

What exactly he means by “upward momentum” and how high he thinks SOL can rise, he leaves open. Another project is currently surprising investors with bullish numbers: Meme generator AiDoge (AI) was able to raise more than $12.7 million in pre-sale, making great progress towards the $13 million milestone!

Forecasts are certain: The next big price explosion could be here – especially compared to Solana! But why is that – and why is it perhaps a worthwhile investment?

AiDoge – better than Pepe, Wojak and Turbo!

AiDoge (AI) is considered the first AI-based meme platform for quality and fresh memes. Using modern AI technology, AiDoge enables users to create attractive memes that generate global attention in a simple and accessible way – for example by typing.

For investors, AiDoge offers a whole range of positive features that set it apart from other crypto projects. On the one hand, users benefit from an AI-supported meme generation experience: AiDoge is trained with extensive meme datasets and encrypted messages, so it can ensure the desired quality and timeliness. Second, AiDoge fosters a vibrant and active community by rewarding meme creation and rating, and providing a public wall to share the latest and most popular memes.

Bullish for the coin’s investors: to access the features of the AiDoge platform, users must use the project’s native token – $AI. It is currently being offered as part of a presale campaign and, according to crypto influencer Jacob Bury, it could increase its value by, for example, 100x! This means: According to the forecast, 100 euros invested could be 10,000 euros.

In summary: AiDoge (AI) offers huge potential for growth and added value. As the demand for high-quality and relevant memes increases in the crypto industry, analysts expect the demand for the associated $AI token to increase as well – with attractive returns.

Therefore, compared to Solana (SOL), AiDoge scores with a unique niche and an innovative approach to meme culture. SOL is currently trading below $20 and is also suffering from stiff competition and technical issues. On the other hand, AiDoge offers a fresh perspective for investors – and a real added value for the crypto community.

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Last updated on 24 May 2023

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Solana (SOL) ready to start a new rise, according to Raoul Pal

Solana (SOL) ready to start a new rise, according to Raoul Pal

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