Here’s why Ethereum could explode as SpongeBob Coin ($SPONGE) gains 1,961%

Here's why Ethereum could explode as SpongeBob Coin ($SPONGE) gains 1,961%

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Will there be almost only meme coins in the top 50 crypto? According to a new forecast from ChatGPT, SpongeBob Coin ($SPONGE) will gain 1,961% as Ethereum prepares for a rally, according to top analysts.

Does it make sense to buy Ethereum?

The course of Ethereum is boring – no matter what time frame you look at it: Within the last year ETH lost -12.79%, based on the last month it is -13.55% loss, in the last week -1.77% – and on a daily basis , the smart contract platform is also declining (-0.79%).

What lies ahead from here? Is a fresh correction about to take place that will lead to “a few hundred bucks” of Ethereum as Job’s prediction suggests? Or can the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap soon skyrocket?

Renowned crypto strategist “Credible Crypto” believes that the ETH bulls will be trampling again soon. He shows his more than 340,000 Twitter followers a chart on which Ethereum could move as high as $2,159 in the short term. Credit:

“enough [Altcoins] testing key support levels so I think the ETH chart is a good indication of what I expect for other alts in general in the coming days – some relief to the downside and another leg down as $BTC continues to slowly but definitely [Liquidität] trimming the joints to prepare for the next step up on the road to new all-time highs this year.”

His conclusion:

“I am very bullish on ETH – but not in the medium term because BTC always comes out on top after a major correction. ETH and alts will follow suit and eventually outperform, but BTC always leads.”

If you want to start now: Buying Ethereum with PayPal is a popular option for many investors. If the prospects of a correction right after the rise seem too unattractive, you could look at the upcoming meme coin SpongeBob Coin ($SPONGE): Within a very short time, the project was able increase its market capitalization. to more than $17 million – the forecasts are there so the next meme coin price explosion may be about to happen.

$SPONGE – A meme base with 100x potential?

Crypto influencer Jacob Bury, for example, expects huge returns on $SPONGE:

But what kind of meme coin is $SPONGE anyway – and why might it be a better investment compared to other meme coins?

It’s simple: Spongebob Coin ($ SPONGE) is based on the popular cartoon character of the same name. He has been on TV since 1999 and has millions of fans around the world. Will the meme base continue? $SPONGE was only released on May 8, 2023, but it already has two listings on crypto exchanges.

So $SPONGE has the potential to rise to the Olympus of meme coins – it capitalizes on the notoriety and humor of the famous template. ChatGPT believes so too: In a new forecast, the artificial intelligence at $SPONGE predicts a bull run that will send the coin price 1,961% through the roof!


“One possible Spongebob Coin price prediction for 2023 is that the price will gain 1,961% to hit $0.011. That would be a very optimistic scenario, assuming that Spongebob Coin continues to generate a lot of interest, achieve more listings, generate positive news and benefit from the overall development of the market.”

Of course, according to ChatGPT, this forecast is not investment advice and there is “no guarantee that it will happen”. Currently, 1 $SPONGE costs $0.0004802 after rising 2.63% in the last 24 hours.

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