Hacking: Solana Labs Answer!

Piratage : La réponse du Solana Labs !

After the hack on the Solana blockchain that especially affects users of the Phantom wallet, Solana Labs, the brains behind the Solana blockchain, also wanted to speak out. According to the Labs, the network was not at fault in this hack.

A quick introduction to hacking

In an article published this morning, we came back to the hack that hit the Solana blockchain. After the exposure of some users of the Solana application, some Twitter investigators went in search of information.

It quickly became clear that almost 8 million dollars were stolen. Through an attack it is likely that many private keys can be recovered. This hack would affect between 5 and 8,000 wallets. If there has been a reaction to Phantom and Fana, the most affected applications, no one is talking about an internal fault. Note that inactive portfolios (more than 6 months of inactivity) seem to be more affected than others.

Solana is also pleading not guilty!

Through a spokesperson, Solana Labs says “there is no proof” does not incriminate the Solana network. If the defense seems too light to some, the Labs also don’t come forward to name potential victims.

The OtterSec entity, which is specialized in Solana security and auditor, said last night that the hack affected more than 5,000 Solana wallets. As several Twitter accounts also pointed out, OtterSec’s conclusions are more or less similar. They also highlight the type of piracy: massive compromise of private keys. To justify this theory, all the players explain that their owners have signed questionable transactions.

For the time being, light has not yet been shed on the flawed aspect and the origin of this large-scale piracy. It’s a safe bet that all the actors will continue to plead not guilty. Unless one of the many new investigators on Twitter manages to separate fact from fiction.

In any case, all stakeholders will continue to collaborate to better understand what happened yesterday on the Solana blockchain. The news of this hack also affected the price of Solana (SOL). Among the top 20 tokens, it is the only one with losses.

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