Gorilix (SILVA) started strong up + 14% and Bitcoin suffered losses

Gorilix (SILVA) started strong up + 14% and Bitcoin suffered losses

In a week that saw more than 90% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap, there was a glimmer of optimism from the newcomer. Gorilix (SILVA)which went on pre-sale in early June 2022 and received positive reviews and a strong public response, which increased the price 14.3% increases. For comparison: during the same period, the cryptocurrency fell Bitcoin up -30.29% and Cardanoone of the most popular coins recently, also lost -27.87%.

In the face of widespread losses, many crypto and analyst enthusiasts have decided to withdraw their money from these coins and split it into smaller, high-capacity and stable coins to balance their portfolio and reap the gains. capitalization. SILVA is popular for a number of reasons. One of them is the Gorilix Defi platform usage case, which uses SILVA as its native token. Gorilix Defi allows its customers to become their own crypto bank by saving, lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies through the decentralized platform. After launch, you can invest in Ethereum-based tokens, including custom ERC20 tokens, by lending to other clients through the platform. This is an interesting prospect for clients, as it allows them to leverage every aspect of their crypto portfolio, including tokens that they believe are of little or no value, while cultivating an interest in the process. Interest income in SILVA tokens is paid through the Gorilix Defi platform. The result of the symptoms can be up to 20%.

While SILVA looks promising and stable, the Cardano roller coaster (ADA) voyage is still in full swing, following a downturn -23.2% in the previous 24 hours, the price rose 9.4%. Cardano’s price shock action prompted some people to exchange the signal for SILVA. We expect the price to continue to rise during pre-sale as demand for the signal increases.

The SILVA signal is currently in exclusive pre-sale at available.

The Gorilix roadmap looks exciting. Following the launch of the IDO signal on UniSwap, the Gorilix NFT market will be launched along with its flagship SILVA Kong NFT collection comprising 1950 different NFTs divided into four categories. Within the collections, 1250 NFT will be provided exclusively through Gorilix NFT platform with a minimum price of 0.1 ETH (approximately US $ 122).

It is these exciting prospects that have also emerged from the Gorilix project (SILVA). While Bitcoin and Cardano have been struggling lately, diversifying your crypto portfolio with high-growth signals like SILVA can help increase the balance or even the total value of your portfolio during this time.

Last updated June 15, 2022

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