Google Will Accept Dogecoin, Can DOGE Reach $0.1?

Google Paiement Dogecoin

Good news for meme coins, with a recent announcement from Google that it will be adopted soon dogecoin payments. If the American giant plans to accept several different cryptos, today we will keep the DOGE.

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Google will accept Dogecoin payments

The announcement took place during Next ’22, in a press release from Google. After reaching an agreement with Coinbase, the search engine leader will soon take over encrypted payments, especially as part of their cloud service. Among the list of 10 supported cryptoswe will therefore find the Dogecoin.

If this partnership appeals to many holders, it also spells magic for Coinbase, which, as a reminder, had some difficulties last month. However, the offer will not not accessible to everyoneaccording to an announcement from the vice president of Google Cloud which states that it will only be accessible to a restricted group of Web3 users.

It is howeverthe first step towards the democratization of crypto and towards its accessibility to the general public. However, on an economic level, there is the issue of the crypto market. In the middle of the Bear market, what should we expect from the price of Dogecoin at a time when Google announced it as an official payment method?

Dogecoin Price Forecasts

Dogecoin Price 7 Days

At the time of writing, Dogecoin is trading at $0.06002reduction of -0.24% in the last 24 hours. On the side of last week, we notice a price drop -6.50%and in the past month, -5.33%. Dogecoin is not in the best of days, but it is holding up well in today’s market.

The fall in price is quickly explained when we look at the amount traded in the last 24 hours, which fell by -28.85%. Therefore the price drop is quickly justified, and its future rise begins to emerge slowly. To do this, just leave the charts and look social networks to get a better view.

Since the announcement of the collaboration between Google and Coinbase, the DOGE hashtag has grown. The community is usually already very active, it seems that new references are made around the Elon Musk’s favorite corner meme. As a result, push towards $0.10 it is completely achievable, at least.

Tamadoge, the Crypto alternative

In the series of cryptos are hit, Dogecoin seems to have some serious competition. Of course, this competition is not among the cryptos supported by Google, however, it is gaining popularity and promises very good performance. This is the Tamadoge, recent and GameFi-oriented Meme Coin.

Tamadoge is above all a P2E game project. Objective: raise and fight your creatures in the Tamavers. For him, the platform already offers its NFTs, as well as a limited collection of ultra-rare NFTs. To maintain its economic model, Tamadoge also offers its token, the TAMA, on OKX.

In terms of price, Tamadoge has been doing very well with price having passed the bar recently $0.10, far ahead of Dogecoin. The new crypto P2E is positioned as a favorite at the moment, despite the fact that its game is still being developed. Given the variety of products offered, the TAMA could represent accordingly a viable and serious alternative to DOGE, even within Google Cloud payments.

Meme Coins are in continuous development. If you want to learn more about Tamadoge and discover this crypto, you can consult our article dedicated to its recent CEX listings.

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