Google launches on Ethereum

Google launches on Ethereum

Part of Google Cloud’s objectives is to support Web3 developers to create and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms. By developing its Blockchain Node Engine, the American giant will relieve its customers of the heavy task of maintaining or monitoring nodes.

Ethereum, Google’s first blockchain of choice

Yesterday, October 27, Google Cloud announced the launch of its new solution for Ethereum and Web3 developers. It was named Blockchain Node Engine. It is a cloud-based node hosting service that helps nodes:

  • read and/or write blockchain data directly to Google Cloud;
  • relay transactions;
  • deploying smart contracts;
  • etc

Thanks for this” fully managed node hosting service ”, Ethereum developers will not have any difficulty in the ongoing deployment and management of the nodes. This will reduce the need to run them on the Google Cloud network. At the same time, they will benefit from its reliability, security and performance.

Instead of relying on a central entity to validate and store data, a blockchain’s directional infrastructure is a node, ie a device, such as a computer, laptop or server, that contains a complete copy of the blockchain’s transaction history. “, Google clarified.

Google will support another blockchain

According to Google Cloud’s statement, ” Ethereum will be the first blockchain » that she will take care. Enough to allow Ethereum developers to provide nodes “ fully managed with secure blockchain access “.

Forming a Google team to conquer the Web3

It should be noted, however, that Google, driven by a desire to ” build a huge bridge it will open up to another blockchain.

When interviewed by Decrypt, James Tromans, Director of Google Cloud Web3 clarified:

We recognize that other channels are growing, and we plan to support some of them in the future. »

Google has already taken a big step into cryptocurrencies and Web3 services based on its cloud computing services. By launching the Blockchain Node Engine, the American multinational proves once again that it wants to contribute to the development of the Web 3.0 infrastructure. And at the same time, it lies the fear of decentralization. We can already imagine the euphoria that Ethereum developers are experiencing.

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