Google launches a dedicated cloud service for Ethereum nodes

Google lance un service de cloud dédié aux nœuds Ethereum

Has Google moved to Web3? This seems to be emerging from some news published this month. This week we find out that the Tech giant now offers a “Blockchain Node Engine”, which allows you to host Ethereum nodes.

Google offers a service dedicated to Ethereum nodes

According to Google’s statement, this Ethereum node hosting service aims to simplify the procedure for users:

Although self-managed nodes are difficult to deploy and require ongoing management, Blockchain Node Engine is a fully managed node hosting service which makes it possible to minimize certain operations.»

Concretely, this means that the synchronization process will be greatly accelerated by the Google service. A new node can be deployed in a single operation. So far, the service is focused on the Ethereum blockchain, but it will be open to other networks in the future.

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Google launches Web3

Google recalls in its press release that “commitment to help Web3 developers build and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms“. It is true that the giant seems to have accelerated the pace in recent weeks.

In mid-October, we learned that cryptocurrency payments would now be accepted for its cloud services. And a few days before that, the partnership between NEAR and Google Cloud announced, to support start-ups developing in Web3.

A commitment that also carries financial weight. Over the past year, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been the company that has invested the most in blockchain, with $1.5 billion. The companies Fireblocks, Dapper Labs, Voltage and Digital Currency Group were in favor.

Therefore the arrival of a giant like Google in the sector is trivial. Currently, Ethereum nodes are mostly hosted using AWS services, so the arrival of new heavyweights should partially reshuffle the cards.

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Source: Google, press release

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Google launches on Ethereum

Google launches on Ethereum

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