Frank Thelen – what’s the deal with bitcoin fraud?

Frank Thelen Kryptowährungen

A few years ago, thousands of emails landed in inboxes of all kinds, alerting the recipient to the latest news. “Bitcoin millionaire reveals his secret” or “Investor makes millions with this cryptocurrency” the emails say.

Below the text is a picture of Frank Thelen, but sometimes also of another famous person. Behind the e-mails are suspicious businessmen who want to steal their money from investors with pictures of famous people.

Frank Thelen became known through the television show “Lion’s Cave”. Here he was one of five jurors who could invest in innovative start-ups. In 2020, the investor left the show.

Large scale crypto fraud by Frank Thelen

In 2017, a video appeared on the Facebook page “BusyNews247” in which Frank Thelen allegedly announced an investment in Bitcoin. The video was not real, however, but a skillful compilation of an interview given by Frank Thelen of the 3rd Handelsblatt for the annual conference “Digital Energy Industry 2017”.

The editor of the video promised a simple and easy way for investors to make a profit by investing in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. According to Thelen’s cleverly edited statement, he is said to have earned himself millions with this type of investment.

Everything seems like a dream come true for investors, a successful investor reveals his investment procedures. Along with the text, the video shows that Thelen was already a Bitcoin millionaire at the age of 18.

But the scammers go one step further and post a fake tweet below the video. This included an alleged quote from Frank Thelen, who promotes Bitcoin investing. The website the article referenced with the video has since disappeared from the internet, and the BusyNews247 Facebook page has also been deleted.

Does Frank Thelen have his own cryptocurrency?

Frank Thelen himself refers to the fraud on his blog and confirms that he has nothing to do with the content of the video and website. After the video was nowhere to be found, he wrote on his blog that he hoped the scam didn’t harm anyone.

The scam was well thought out, Frank Thelen is a famous investor through the TV show who clearly knows how things work. Along with the ongoing Bitcoin hype, potential investors got the impression that Frank Thelen also successfully invested in the cryptocurrency and advises other investors to do the same.

But the scam was only a fluke for a relatively short period of time and was quickly discovered. Among other things, through the actions of Frank Thelen himself, the scammers were eliminated and now no one can fall for the scam anymore.

Thelen is known for always watching the cryptocurrency market and has already invested in the cryptocurrency Ethereum with his company.

But investors also have shares on their screens. His company’s equity fund 10xDNA invests in small investments and disruptive technologies. Frank Thelen promised at the beginning that the fund would promise growth, but unfortunately this has not happened so far and the share is constantly falling.

new cryptocurrency on the rise – Tamadoge

The cryptocurrency market never shuts down and new cryptocurrencies are added every day, some quickly disappearing from the scene, others becoming a new force. Anyone, like Frank Thelen, who does not want to invest in a major cryptocurrency already known could discover a new coin with Tamadoge.

The new Tamadoge meme coin is in presale from August 2, 2022 and it is doing very well, as it has already reached the fourth stage of eight presale stages. $8.5 million worth of tokens have already been sold.

There will be some who think this is just another meme base featuring the famous Shiba-Inu and it will soon be one of many more. But some market observers believe Tamadoge has more potential. Because unlike other coins that play with the meme factor, Tamadoge offers a real use case.

Tamadoge town

Business 2 Community writes about the base, for example TAMA combines the mass appeal of the meme base with the increasingly popular P2E crypto gaming format. The next Doge coin?”.

For one, the Metaverse, known as the Tamaverse, offers a play-to-earn game where users are assigned an NFT-based dog that they must take care of in order for it to grow.

The principle of the game should remind the children of the 90s of the pulsating Tamagotchis, who also wanted to be taken care of around the clock.

Those who take good care of their pets will rise in the rankings and will soon be allowed to participate in PVP matches. Here the pets compete against each other and the winner of the fight gets Dogepoints. At the end of each month, the player who collected the most Dogepoints will be awarded TAMA coins.

An interesting roadmap away from the Frank Thelen Bitcoin scam

Investment Tamadoge
The game will also be available through an app next year, which will include the popular AR mode, which will allow players to care for their dog in real life.

The AR mode was already very popular in the Pokémon Go app released in 2016. The game has been downloaded more than a billion times in two years. Here, the Pokemon trainers take their Pokemon through the AR mode in the real world.

In addition to the gaming options in the Metaverse, the TAMA base offers deflation planning. This means that the value of the coin should steadily increase as the number of coins in existence decreases. Specifically, the mechanism should work like this: A player buys an item in the Metaverse and pays with 1,000 coins, 5% of these 1,000 coins are burned.

With each transaction, the number of coins will decrease and the value will increase, even if the demand does not increase.

The developers also deliberately avoided transaction fees for the Tamadoge token. They want the project to be self-financed and not through user fees.

According to its work plan, the foundation promises big plans. In addition to its own app, additional CEX partnerships and listings are planned.

Investors can only get a discount during the pre-sale phase, but this decreases with each additional phase. Because the price will increase by 25% in each step. Currently you get 40 tokens for 1 USDT.

The tokens can be paid via USDT, ETH or by Visa card. As soon as the pre-sale ends, the tokens can be requested.

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