“Food Lovers”: What is the equivalent of bitcoin (BTC) in food?

“Food Lovers”: What is the equivalent of bitcoin (BTC) in food?

Food Lover status goes to anyone who does not minimize their diet, and who gives importance to food and Eat “. She loves food that it is now a habit to take pictures of her favorite dishes to share on social networks. She would not hesitate to scroll through Instagram all day to find the best places to eat to enjoy flavors from authentic menus Food lovers will not miss the opportunity to connect bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, to food.

For Food Lovers, bitcoin would…

A good steak, of course. Why would food lovers join bitcoin? Because steak and the queen of cryptocurrencies have one thing in common: fire.

The term ” intestine “, translated from English “slice of meat to grill” – we can also have ” Beef steak meaning “slice of beef to grill” – refers to a piece of beef that will stimulate the taste buds as it passes through the fire.

According to some researchers, Homo erectus used combustion to improve the cooking of its meat a million years ago. A modern man also does not lack the means to detect the pieces that are more tender, richer in flavor or more marbled before they go through the grill or the fryer. To better appreciate the result, he does not skimp on dry red wines as an accompaniment.

On the bitcoin side, it is called “ burn “where” burning corner “. Since we don’t yet have a physical currency associated with BTC, Food Lovers better not think about passing a coin over a pan or grill.

In fact, a BTC burn consists of withdrawing a certain number of tokens from the full supply bitcoin. In other words, it is withdrawn from circulation:

  • through a smart contract ;
  • by address to address of purse invalid and inaccessible.

However, you know that there are only 21 million bitcoins to be mined, the 19 millionth being mined last April. And when the The King of Crypto pass through the box burn », it will become rare. And hello price hike!

What about other cryptocurrencies?

Food lovers that you are, you will surely wonder what other analogies have emerged for other cryptocurrencies. Here they are:

  • Ethereum (ETH): 2e Cryptocurrency inherits a comparison to pizza, which could satisfy any food and crypto trading lover despite high gas costs;
  • Dogecoin (DOGE): food lovers do not hesitate to associate it with hot dogs, this fast food that will not equal the steak without leaving anyone indifferent;
  • Binance Coin (BNB): some argue that BNB looks like Chinese food, actually Binance Boss CZ was born in China before becoming a naturalized Canadian;
  • Monero (XMR): the most unknown of cryptocurrencies for food lovers basic food, important in everyone’s eyes: the potato;
  • Uniswap (UNI): It is said that Uniswap may have no food equivalent other than cotton candy.

Food lovers haven’t made the crypto-facility rounds yet. And because the list is far from exhaustive, the race for an analogy could only begin. Remember that CoinMarketCap listed about 19,900 cryptocurrencies last June and the number of feeds is far from matching these.

Sources: HackerNoon; Meat ; Wine Vine; Science and the Future

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