Finally get rich with Bitcoin Clone on Ethereum? BTC20 tops $340,000 in presale


The new BTC20 cryptocurrency is available for pre-sale. The cryptocurrency replicates the Bitcoin rate since 2011 on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 base. Purchase of the cryptocurrency therefore only Presale price $1 can.

In 2011 it was 6.05 million bitcoins, just as much BTC20 to spend on the market beforehand. The IS The total supply of BTC20 is 21 million pieces.

BTC20 offers many advantages over Bitcoin. First of all, staking is also possible with this promising cryptocurrency. In addition, the cryptocurrency energy consumption is much lower than Bitcoin. One of the reasons for this is that the Ethereum blockchain is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. put.

Can BTC 20 outperform Bitcoin?

Bitcoin uses the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm which is much more energy intensive. Bitcoin is currently scoring the $30,000 mark. The next level is $32,000.

Meanwhile, the new cryptocurrency BTC20 has a significant one in just over a day Value $342,000 achieved in crypto presale.

The IS BTC20 developers are locking up 14.95 million tokens in a smart contract for staking. BTC20 investors who pledge their coins benefit from this. Those who invest more coins can benefit from more bets and get more rewards.

BTC20, also known as the โ€œEthereum Bitcoinโ€ was announced, and aims to hit a soft cap of $3 million in pre-sales. The cryptocurrency shows a huge growth potential, which can be greater than the current growth of Bitcoin.

The IS Standard Chartered Bank got one recently Price target of $120,000 for 2024 respect the top cryptocurrency. If bitcoin rises to this level, there is a good chance that the tech-enhanced BTC20 coin will be able to run much better on the Ethereum blockchain.

rises Bitcoin up to the $ 120,000 markit is easy to imagine what investors invest in 2011 who bought $1 worth of bitcoin.

The same could happen with BTC20. In Investors have the opportunity to do so in advance get into bitcoin price 2011 and get great results.

BTC20 represents Bitcoin perfectly since 2011 on the Ethereum blockchain: does this lead to the same course?

BTC20 reflects the process of block creation and crunching in recent years since 2011 in its innovative staking system that allows deposit holders returns of up to 65% APY.

The crypto community has already taken notice of BTC20, with reports on numerous portals such as Beincrypto, Cointelegraph, Coingape and Finbold. YouTubers are starting to take notice of the coin as well.

German crypto trading channel Smallcap DE predicts above-average returns when BTC20 hits the market.

BTC20 gains could be between 81,000% and 3,000,000%.

If investors bought bitcoin in 2011 and were to this day, one of them would 3,000,000% profit achieved. Despite the seemingly fanatical notion of being able to repeat such a parabolic development, BTC20 can achieve the same thing.

$BTC20 selects the theme of the people already available and very A successful bitcoin clone on. In contrast to BCH and BSV, the coin is not just a fork of the original blockchain, but one a new coin on the Ethereum blockchain.

The IS BTC20 token is technically a better alternative to Bitcoinand also more versatile and efficient.

Ethereum is the better technical foundation for cryptocurrency: BTC20 benefits from Ethereum AND Bitcoin

Ethereum is better than Bitcoin in many aspects, especially its capacity dApps (decentralized applications) and Smart Contracts to execute. In addition, the network recently switched to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

This means that in addition to running dApps, Ethereum is also more efficient than the Bitcoin protocol, using a fraction of the energy. BTC20 can also benefit from their association with the Bitcoin brand.

In addition, there is the great advantage of staking. This is not possible with Bitcoin, but with BTC20 it is.

Investors who invest in BTC20 earn 65% APY. Bitcoin miners are rewarded with 6.25 BTC for each mined block. BTC20 maintains this reward philosophy but takes a different route.

BTC20 rewards stakeholders based on the percentage of the staking pool they own and the block production rate of the original bitcoin chain since 2011. This means that the number of deposit holders has no effect on the amount of tokens unlocked.


If 6 BTC20 were unlocked, assuming 100,000 BTC20 is at stake, and investors pledge 20,000 BTC20, they would receive a fifth of the reward. In this example, the win would be 1.2 BTC20 tokens.

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