Fedimint and Fedi, for wider acceptance of bitcoin (BTC)!

Fedimint and Fedi, for wider acceptance of bitcoin (BTC)!

For bitcoin (BTC) to be more widely adopted, digital wallets that are considered crypto-token custody solutions, must be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, it is not the case. As proof, hardware wallet providers such as Trezor and Ledger are not present in poor regions of the world. To solve this problem, Obi Nwosu came up with the idea of ​​creating a wallet accessible to everyone. He then collaborated with developers to develop Fedi, a bitcoin (BTC) custody solution based on the Fedimint protocol.

Features of the Fedi wallet

Fedi is a technology designed to drive bitcoin (BTC) adoption worldwide. Concretely it is a mobile application that gives access to a Bitcoin hardware wallet. The tool is based on the Fedimint protocol thanks to it being secure, simple and decentralized.

According to its co-founder Obi Nwosu, Fedi has a solid interface and it is clear that “the first Bitcoin wallet to be built using the human-centered design method founded by IDEO“.

You should know that the operation of the Fedimint protocol is controlled by groups of trusted people who work together. These groups of people are part of the crypto community and are called “custodians” (referring to the fact that they monitor the tokens held on the hardware wallet).

Additionally, Fedimint is available on the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network. Obi Nwosu describes it as a simple and secret system that seems to be safer than a cryptocurrency exchange or a hardware wallet for storing BTC.

Fedi seems to be the simplest, most reliable and secret bitcoin wallet right now. It was designed to work globally. It provides the ability for billions of people around the world to keep their bitcoins (BTC) safe.

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

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