Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Forecast: How high can the price of ETH go?

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Together with Bitcoin, investors see Ethereum as an index value for the entire crypto market, after all, the two largest digital currencies together still account for about 60% of all crypto tokens investments. Hence, with ETH price analysis and Ethereum price predictions, we can draw conclusions on how altcoins might perform in the short and long term.

At the same time, we want to take a closer look at two emerging blockchain projects that could represent exciting alternatives to investing in Ethereum. Both Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and DeFi Coin (DEFC) come with a unique concept that can inspire you to buy the tokens.

Ethereum technical analysis: short, medium and long term ETH price situation

Of course, we want to offer as diverse a view on the current price of Ethereum as possible, which is why we choose through different time periods that we analyze. With the charts over the past seven days, the last three months and the beginning of 2022, we cover the short, medium and long term value of ETH.

ETH course from January 2022

In the long run, Ethereum is showing a clear downtrend that started on January 5th. From late January to mid-March, the support line price hit the USD 2,500 mark several times, from which ETH was able to rise to over USD 3,500 in early April.

However, the trend reversal was short-lived as the price exceeded support at $ 2,500 on May 8th. This means that a number of stop-loss orders were likely to have been made, resulting in significant price losses for Ethereum.

$ 2,000 support also failed to stop the ETH slide, causing the price to fall back to $ 1,000 in June. As expected, support is also opening here, bringing the price back to the current value of USD 1,155 (as of June 20, 1:00 pm).

The moving average can undermine the outcome of the trend lines: Ethereum has been in decline for the past six months, and does not seem to be yet to disappear.

ETH price of the last three months

Over the last three months, the picture we have seen since the beginning of the year has been confirmed: After the short uptrend at the end of March, both the moving average and the MACD announced that the downturn would continue, the latter . An indicator shows a clear overlap in the one-day chart.

Support at USD 2,000 started a brief consolidation from mid – May to early June, but ETH was finally able to break through USD 1,500 on June 12 and so fell sharply to USD 1,000.

ETH last week’s price

In the 4 hour short chart, we see that Ethereum is currently in a critical phase. The US Federal Reserve interest rate hike announcement pulled the price lower – on June 18, it even briefly fell below the USD 900 mark.

However, both the Car Average and the MACD show potential short-term price increases from June 19: From the support line at USD 1,000, Ethereum rose to more than USD 1,150 in a few hours, corresponding to a rapid gain of 15.%.

However, given that we have a medium to long – term downward trend and that indicators are targeting further price losses, the expected trend reversal may only be short – term. We are still curious to see if ETH can maintain its temporary high from June 19th.

Ethereum price projection: Here’s how ETH could develop until 2030

Portals like try to predict how the price of Ethereum might change in the coming years. Analysts expect an average loss of -71% in value by the end of the year, which would result in a price of € 515.

How the second largest cryptocurrency ever to perform in the coming years seems a bit questionable, with forecasts ranging from marginal gains to price drops. expects the price of ETH to be above the € 2,000 mark by 2024, and the price of less than € 700 by July 2026 cannot be ruled out.

The experts at are much more confident, with their Ethereum forecast giving hope for long – term price gains. An average price of $ 7,600 is forecast by 2025, and by the end of 2030 an ETH signal could reach USD 50,000 according to the website.

Alternatives to Ethereum: DeFi Coin and Lucky Block

new logo deficoinsIt seems at the moment that Ethereum is likely to continue its downward trend for the time being. So it’s worth looking out for other promising options – like DeFi Coin or Lucky Block.

DeFi Coin recently launched its own decentralized crypto exchange DeFi Swap and is currently one of the hottest Altcoins with its Static Rewards. With a ten percent trading fee, DeFi Coin rewards its long – term investors by always sharing half of the fees among all DEFC holders.

In addition, you can earn more rewards by introducing liquidity pools and farming on the DeFi swap exchange, through which the community – led project should be protected from signal inflation by burning coins.

Lucky Block, on the other hand, has been offering users transparent crypto lotteries since May 31, allowing all LBLOCK holders with a fair winning system to share a portion of the jackpot. Donations for good cause are also integrated with the Lucky Block.

In addition to their own app, the team has also launched a new NFT collection, the Platinum Rollers Club, whose owners can expect additional exclusive draws for the jackpot.

Instructions: Here’s how you can enter the LBLOCK Lottery

Here’s how to enter the Lucky Block Lottery in three stages:

Step 1: Buy BNB

In the first step we go to and click on the golden button in the middle to pair our wallet with the official website. We then select at the top of the transaction window whether we want to buy Binance Coins with fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Buy BNB on Lucky Block

Once we have made our selection, we enter what we want to buy BNB in ​​the upper range and confirm the purchase with “Deposit”.

Step 2: BNB Exchange for Lucky Block Coins

On the same page we can exchange our newly acquired Binance Coin for LBLOCK. To do this, we click on “BNB Swap for LBLOCK” and enter the amount of BNB we want to swap in the upper field.

Then click the green button below to complete the transaction.

Step 3: Take part in the next lottery

In the third step, we keep our LBLOCK coins safe in our wallet until the next draw. Then we can get a ticket number for our toddler, and hope to win the jackpot.

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