Ethereum Price Projection: How high can the price of ETH go in 2022, 2025 to 2030?

Ethereum macht sich bereit für die Rallye! Top-Analyst bullish ETH wird BTC überholen

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has suffered significant price losses in recent months, with a price reduction of almost 50% over the past six months. However, this is still offset by huge profits for investors who invested in ETH coins years ago.

Hence, in the face of the current difficult situation, some investors are asking themselves the question: hold, sell or even buy? To answer this question, it is helpful to look at the forecasts, which show a clear bullish direction. In addition, with the DeFi Coin (DEFC), we suggest an exciting alternative that crypto investors should definitely have on their screens.

Ethereum price forecast 2022, 2025 to 2030: Here’s what the future of the smart contracts network might look like

Many investors envision a very positive future for Ethereum, after all, the blockchain system is already the largest ecosystem for using smart contracts and DeFi projects. Ethereum is considered to be the only stop to develop dApps, NFTs and projects that require smart contracts.

But over time, critics have revealed more and more weaknesses in the encrypted network, ranging from the environmentally friendly proof of work algorithm to low transaction speeds and high gas charges. In addition, competition with Avalanche, Solana, Cardano and other projects is increasing, which could reduce the ETH course in the long run.

Hence, it is extremely difficult for numerous Ethereum investors and for those interested in crypto to make a final judgment on the future viability. Expert price forecasts should reflect future price movements.

Ethereum Price Forecast 2022: Short Term Forecast

First, let’s look at the short-term future price of ETH and how the cryptocurrency could still function towards the end of 2022. The established portal for crypto forecasts it calculates an average price of € 1,665 for December 2022, which equates to a 36% decrease compared to the current price of € 1,930.

Unlike, the market experts at bullish signals for Ethereum for this year. Accordingly, the average price for the end of 2022 is € 2,340 – an increase of around 21%.

Therefore, analysts are clearly unsure about how Ethereum will develop this year. In the medium and long term, however, the experts seem to agree.

Ethereum Price Forecast 2025: Mid – Term Forecast

In the medium term, up to 2025, forecasts from and agree that ETH may increase in value.

Experts from expect a price of around € 4,560 by December 2025 – investors probably want to bring in more than 77% profit. But even in the previous months, for example in October 2024, Ethereum may have price increases exceeding the 200% mark. is even more confident. There is speculation about an average price of € 7,100 by 2025. Compared to today’s price of € 1,900, investors would see plus 270%, which ETH investors would welcome.

Ethereum’s medium – term outlook seems clear, bullish price developments are expected in the next few years. However, one should know the risk of investing in ETH.

Ethereum price forecast to 2030: long-term forecast

Following the short- and medium-term forecast, we now look at Ethereum’s long-term price expectation. Like the medium – term forecast, the opinions of experts from and agree here as well.

As Ethereum’s price forecast ends after 2025, we keep an eye on’s forecast for our long-term prospects, which rely on sophisticated algorithms. As a result, the forecast model sees that Ethereum will be priced at around € 50,500 by 2030, delivering a huge gain of over 2,550% for investors.

While the calculation course may seem exaggerated at first glance, it must be considered that there is still a good eight years to go until 2030. Experts from also consider such a price to be realistic and consider that The average value of ETH in 2030 is € 46,500.

It remains to be seen whether Ethereum can meet the bullish expectations. However, one thing is certain: there is a good chance that there will be tangible increases in value in the medium to long term.

Alternative: Can DeFi Coin (DEFC) rise faster than Ethereum?

Even if things are looking good for Ethereum in the medium and long term, investors can still keep an eye on other cryptocurrencies that look promising too. One of the most promising 2022 Altcoins is DeFi Coin (DEFC), which can enjoy unusual properties.

DeFi Coin represents the native token of the DeFi Swap decentralized exchange, which was only launched in May 2022. In fact, DEFC has been around since March 2021 and has promised huge rewards to investors ever since.

Buy DefiCoin

The BEP20 token comes with a 10 percent fee charged when the coins are sold or exchanged. On the one hand, the developers want to prevent short – term day trading and stabilize the price, but on the other hand they want to reward loyal DeFi coin holders.

About half of the ten percent fee goes to DEFC owners with each trade, which means that ownership of DeFi coins will automatically rise over time. This process is comparable to the dividend payment for stocks, except that the coins are earned with every single trade and so much more often.

In addition, DeFi Coin can be compatible with other arguments. Regular burning prevents signs of an inflationary reaction, and DEFC is completely community-driven.

In addition, the project has several liquidity pools that are automatically paid into every single trade of DeFi coins. Various exchanges then use these. In the future, the DeFi Coin team also plans to introduce NFTs on the DeFi Swap, which can only be traded with DEFC.

The DEFC rate is currently € 0.28, just under three weeks ago the DeFi coin was still available for less than € 0.10. Given the lucrative system with Static Rewards, there is a very good chance that there may be significant increases in value in the near future. We therefore recommend DeFi Coin as a sensible alternative to Ethereum.

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