Ethereum PoW announcement raises concerns

Ethereum PoW announcement raises concerns

While the crypto community is eager to witness the Ethereum merger, some changes are announced. In particular, the Ethereum PoW team revealed that the fork of the network will be subject to the Proof-of-Work consensus taking place at the last minute. This decision confused some developers.

Ethereum PoW Team Announcing Official Fork Date

The Ethereum PoW team announced on Twitter that a Proof of Work consensus fork will occur 24 hours after the Merge. The idea is to allow enough time for the chainID change to take place on the Ethereum (ETH) network. The Ethereum PoW team also reported that the final blockchain code will be released at the last minute. Once the ETHW chainID increases to 10001, more items can be made available.

Apart from the final code, configuration files and binaries in particular will be accessible to the public. It will also be able to access data on network nodes and probes. The blockchain will be commissioned after 2,048 empty blocks have been processed. Block 2049 will then be the first to have transactions on the network after the Merger.

For some developers, waiting until the last minute to launch the Ethereum PoW fork and release the final code is a serious problem. Roberto Bayardo, a senior software engineer at Coinbase, said that using the same chainID after the merger is dangerous. But, according to the Ethereum PoW team, there is no need to worry. She said steps are being taken to avoid potential problems.

The team behind the Ethereum merger announced that it will be necessary to wait for the Merger for the availability and activation of the Ethereum PoW fork code. Although she tried to reassure the crypto community, many users criticized her decision.

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