Ethereum in Free Autumn: Technical Alternative, Price Forecast & Alternatives –

Ethereum in Free Autumn: Technical Alternative, Price Forecast & Alternatives -

Last week trading went from mixed to disastrous for Ethereum. At first it looked as if the price could finally stabilize – then fell the following weekend. That’s the way it is The price has fallen 17.42% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at USD 1,237 – far from the record high of $ 4,891.70!

Background: The United States has announced further push toward crypto regulation. In addition, the political and social situation is tense around the world and the uncertainty in the encryption sector is all over the Terra crash (LUNA).


In this case, positive impulses are certain: Ethereum has scheduled the Proof of Bet test run, getting much closer to its most important update. Ropsten has already switched to the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm on June 8, so the move to the mainnet, scheduled for next August, is likely to happen.

Which brands can investors pay attention to now to be able to better evaluate the extra course? We explain which areas of resistance and support zones are now important for Ethereum and give price forecasts for the base.

Technical analysis: The price of Ethereum in the last 30 days

In the general crypto crash at the beginning of May, Ethereum also had to lose feathers: From a quote of USD 2,400, the price fell to USD 1,792, only recovering slightly for a short period of time. The price then oscillated back and forth for 2 weeks, only bouncing off the support line at USD 1,900 again and again. Over the last 2 weeks, another drop to USD 1,705 was observed: until June 10, the base struggled with resistance at USD 1,745, but currently falling to $ 1,237 over the weekend.

Ether price for the last 30 days. Image:

With that they lie $ 1,540.00 and $ 1,350.00 respectively to view the separate levels for first-time investors. If these are exceeded, it continues towards USD 2,145.00 or USD 2,440.00. However, considering the current market situation, it is it is doubtful whether a continuous change of direction can be expected in the near future.

As for the momentum below, additional support lines are only $ 790 – so another downward movement is expected. If the price also falls below this threshold, it is expected to fall to USD 420.

Price forecast: How will the course develop in the future?

Despite everything, the forecasts for Ethereum are bullish: The conclusion of the forecasting website, whose forecasts are based on technical analysis, is Ether is expected to be worth $ 3,654 again by 2023. By 2027, ie within a period of 5 years, the expert forecast will rise to even USD 10,664. Compared to today, that would be almost 5 times more. CoinPriceForecast, a company specializing in long-term forecasts, is also bullish on Ethereum: They see the base rise by 60% by 2025, and by 128% by 2030.

These coins are worth a look too!

If you do not want to wait that long for the promotion, you can take a closer look at these two bases: Especially in the current bear market, Lucky Block and DeFi Coin offer exciting options to their investors to open up additional sources of revenue.

Lucky Block: The cryptocurrency with a passive source of income!

LBLOCK is the cryptocurrency of the Lucky Block affiliated gaming platform. Since the beginning of the year, it has been able to make significant development: After the launch of LBLOCK coin, it has become less than 90 days Market capitalization of 1 billion US dollars to achieve. Subsequently in March 2022 a Own NFT collectionthen the project celebrated the first 50,000 investors – that shows it all great public confidence in the base.

In May, the first drawing of the crypto lottery began, qualify for a free lottery ticket at LBLOCK Holder. Starting June 17, a weekly draw with a Jackpot size will be available at least $ 50,000 planned. So investors can go in through their coins build passive income. Lucky Block is one of the few crypto projects that offers a regular source of passive income for its investors. The base is one a good investment in the current bear market and is also a good part of a portfolio looking to reap the expected future benefits.

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DeFi Coin: Again, the forecast is still bullish

DeFi base logo

The DeFi Coin is a project from the field of decentralized finance on sale in March 2021 with the largest numbers ever. The related decentralized exchange, Defiswap, was launched last May, so he was able to further drive the raising of the base. With Defiswap, investors can trade cryptocurrencies directly with other users and use other services like stacking and yield farming.

One of the exciting things about this project is that it is in favor of investors who keep their coins in the long run. For example, there is no 10% transaction tax on every purchase or sale – half of this amount is distributed to all DEFC owners as a form of “dividend distribution”. It is this arrangement that makes the base so appealing to anyone who wants to enter the DeFi space or who wants to exploit its upside-down potential.

To date, the DeFi base is listed on PancakeSwap and Bitmart, more listings are already being planned. In addition, with the total value of the DeFi sector in Q1 2022 at around $ 200 billion, the value of DEFC could rise even further in the coming weeks. So now is the perfect time to get into this tire freely.

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Last updated June 13, 2022

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