Ethereum (ETH): Top investors are leaving in droves, buy this altcoin instead!

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Ethereum’s big merger is about to happen. However, the reversal has caused a lot of concern among many investors in recent weeks.

The update had been planned for a long time and was carried out step by step over months. With the final part to be released on September 15 or 16, Ethereum will move to the proof process.

The proof-of-work consensus used until now has long been criticized for consuming considerable power. Ethereum developers now want to make the cryptocurrency more sustainable. But the developers of the second largest coin did this calculation without their miners and investors. Because these are now saying goodbye in droves. Meanwhile, another sign is coming around the corner with great fanfare.

Ethereum Could Fall to $1,000: Here’s Why Miners and Investors Are Finding Out Now

Ethereum miners use ASICs and GPUs to mine ETH coins, which are only suitable for mining proof-of-work coins. So if miners want to switch to the new proof process with Ethereum in mid-September, this would involve significant costs. Therefore, many miners are now deciding to switch to other coins.

At first, the Ethereum community was only concerned and worried about the upcoming changes, but now they are also feeling themselves in the ETH course. Investors are aware of the frustration and change of miners and could also decide to quit in large numbers.

Experienced investor Gareth Soloways currently also considers Ethereum to be a risk. He claims that Ethereum developers pushed back the merge date so many times to double check that it went smoothly. But the dangers of falling in price are high if something goes wrong. He sees the price of Ethereum falling to USD 1,000 by the end of the year.

6 reasons investors are considering Tamadoge now

A new meme coin is causing a stir and higher numbers right now. Tamadoge has been in pre-sale since July 3rd, a few days ago the last stage of the pre-sale was reached. Here are five reasons why investors may be rushing to TAMA now:

The pre-sale is going on with great success

The pre-sale of the new TAMA token has been going very well so far, with tokens worth over USD 14 million sold in just under two months. The sale was scheduled to run until November, but it looks like it could be successfully completed in just a few days.

TAMA is compatible with a real application

Compared to other meme coins, the coin has a real use case. The TAMA token is the threshold token of a custom metaverse. Users get access to a play-to-earn game where they have to take care of a dog based on NFT. They have to nurture this and take care of it so that it can develop.

Deflationary signaling

In addition to the game, the token will receive a continuous increase in value through deflationary planning. Each transaction that occurs in the Metaverse burns 5% of the coins traded.

The developers of Tamadoge have set another big difference to other Metaverse coins in the fees. There are no transaction fees included in the TAMA token.

Playing with earnings has a great future

Players who have taken good care of their pets will gain access to a PVP game where they will be rewarded with Dogepoints, and whoever has collected the most Dogepoints at the end of the month will then receive TAMA tokens.

Play games for earnings are very popular with cryptocurrencies, more and more projects are bet on them.

The forecasts are bullish

The developers at Tamadoge combine the hype around the games to earn with a well-planned ecosystem. According to forecasts at, the token could reach a value of USD 0.044 by the end of the year. In an even more favorable prediction, comparing the token to Dogecoin’s achievements, analysts see the value of TAMA at $4 as early as January 2023.

The sign gets a good long-term prognosis because of its burn rate and of course the fact that the play game has a certain addictive factor to earn.

The developers’ plans promise further growth

Not only do the pre-sale numbers already written speak for themselves, the developers are setting big plans for the TAMA sign with their roadmap. Next year, the game will also be available as an app so players can take care of their pets around the clock and on the go.

The sign already has two clear important lists. LBank and PancakeSwap have already included it, and more listings are already being planned.

The important lists and the plans of the developers could ensure that there will be a significant increase in price in the coming months and also in the next year. Investors can now get a favorable price in the pre-sale. After the pre-sale, a price increase is planned.

Here’s how you can buy Tamadoge Tokens now

Tamadoge - The play-to-earn dogecoin

  1. Step 1: Visit the Tamadoge website and use the Buy button. This will open a new window that will guide you through the sale.
  2. Step 2: Now connect your wallet to the platform. With the popular Metamask wallet, this is done through the “Connect Wallet” tab. This only takes a few minutes.
  3. Step 3: TAMA tokens can be purchased with USDT or ETH. So buy one of these cryptocurrencies first, you can do that through TAMA partner Transak. Here you can pay by credit card or FIAT money.
  4. Step 4: If you now have one of the required cryptocurrencies, you can complete your purchase. Select the required amount of tokens you wish to purchase and complete the purchase by clicking on “Buy”.

Once the pre-sale is complete, visit the site again and claim your tokens under “Claim”. Now the coins can also be sent to your wallet.

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