Ethereum (ETH): Top investors are leaving in droves, buy this altcoin instead! –

Ethereum (ETH): Top investors are leaving in droves, buy this altcoin instead!  -

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finally stands the merger at Ethereum shortly before: The conversion has been planned for a long time – and postponed several times. As the date drew closer, so did investor tension and anxiety. How will the upgrade change the crypto market? What are the risks of The Merge for Ethereum and what other base could benefit from it?

What is the Merger?

The consensus mechanism used by Ethereum, Proof-of-Work, has long been criticized: It requires a lot of energy for each transaction and is therefore not very environmentally friendly. Now with The Merge the Conversion to the Proof-of-Stake system on. Ethereum’s energy needs are to be reduced by 99.95%.


At the same time, this also means the Goodbye Ethereum mining: In the future, transactions will be validated and new coins will be minted by staking coins.

The Ethereum update has been planned for years and has been implemented in small steps over months. The final part is expected to take place on September 15.

How does The Merge affect the price of Ethereum?

On the one hand, this change means saying goodbye to Ethereum mining. For miners, this means that their expensive ASICs and GPUs are now useless. A rising hash rate for altcoins is already being observed. That means: Former Ethereum miners looking around, on the Look for new mining opportunities. The problem here is that Ethereum mining has taken the largest share of the total market so far.

There are not many other options: the miners can resell their equipment and in the future bet on Ethereum staking. In fact, there are already signs of a price reduction for used graphics cards – this shows that the first miners are already proceeding as reported. The previous computing power can also be made available for other services.

Miners are also worried away: Some voices criticize the greater centralization that is expected. Through the Merger you will see the The independence of Ethereum is under threat. To ensure that promises are made, 80,000 unique addresses have registered to participate so far. However, these are distributed to intermediate commitment providers. In addition to smaller suppliers, it is noted here that most of the shares are distributed to 8 large suppliers. One provider, Lido Finance, even offers a total of 31%.

Also worrying is the question: Will the Merger even exist run smoothly? Or do users have to reckon with failures, a split in the Ethereum blockchain or even hacker attacks on their cryptocurrencies?

How specific the Merger will take place will be revealed in the coming days. Major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance and Bitfix have already announced during the upgrade Withdrawals and suspended deposits. This is likely to continue until September 20. Also, staked ETH balances will only be released after the upgrade is complete. The expected time for this is early 2023.

Why investors are buying Tamadoge over Ethereum

Tomato It is a new crypto project that is currently still in pre-sale. But experts predict: Another rally for the project can be expected. We consider various reasons that speak for the success of Tamadoge.

Amazing pre-sale: Tamadoge sets a new record!

Since Tamadoge started their beta sale at the end of July, the project has managed to collect a significant amount of seed capital: this morning the portal of $16 million achieved – and this in less than 2 months!




Pre-sales were originally planned to continue through the fourth quarter and into November. But it now looks like there will be one by the end of September early sale reached.

Meanwhile, the last of nine pre-sale stages has also been reached. In this case, the pre-sale was structured so that the price increased by 0.0025 US dollars periodically. With step nine lies the Price present at 33.33 TAMA tokens for 1 USDT or conversion on $0.03 per token.

Buy Tamadoge Tokens now

Play-to-earn game as a use case

On the subject Play to Earn Tamadoge relies on a trending topic in the crypto industry: Axie Infinity made the breakthrough – and since then more and more projects rely on this innovative possibility, earn money by playing.

With Tamadoge, users get access to a P2E game. Your digital pet – like a Tamagotchi in the 90s – needs grooming and training. It also allows users to compete in tournaments. You can find out about their performance qualify for payouts.

The ambitious roadmap places Tamadoge in the Metaverse

Tamadoge wants to start by making the P2E game accessible to users through a web app. Further planning then includes launching a smartphone app VR and AR features before. A 3D rendering of a Tamadoge pet is also planned. This is for end of 2023 intended.

But Tamadoge wants more than just making a cute game: the project has plans for a metaverse itself. This means a separate virtual world where users can move using their individual avatar. This makes it possible to explore the area, visit virtual shops or events – and of course play with your pet Tamadoge. This should allow users to develop a very close relationship with their Tamadoge pets.

As well as that Partnerships with other Metaverses intended. Here they are trying to get the pet Tamadoge from metaverse to metaverse to transmit can. This is how users can take it anywhere in the digital world, just like a real pet.

The first DEX and CEX listings have already been confirmed

The first listings are DEX and CEX front for new crypto projects: Each additional listing increases the awareness of the new coin. It also makes it more accessible to a larger audience. Accordingly, all new listings are usually with a liquidity jump tied together.

For Tamadoge, the crypto exchanges are already set for both the first DEX listing and the first CEX listing: Tamadoge could not choose anyone else for its first DEX listing popular crypto exchange Uniswap to win! The IDO should take place after the end of the pre-sale. For the first CEX listing, the LBbank support to win.

How to buy TAMA tokens in advance

To buy TAMA tokens before the presale ends, the first thing you need to do is get your encrypted wallet with the Tamadoge pre-sale platform association. It is best to make sure at this point that you have enough Ether or USDT in your wallet for the subsequent transaction.

For the purchase itself yes three ways:

  • to buy TAMA with ETH,
  • buy TAMA with USDT,
  • and buy TAMA with credit card and fiat money.

Buy Tamadog
To buy TAMA tokens with ETH or USDT, you first enter how many tokens you want to buy in the input mask. the minimum amount is here 1,000 pieces. You can then complete the purchase by clicking on “Convert EHT” or “Convert USDT” to lock.

However, through the partnership between Tamadoge and Transak, the purchase is so can fiat currencies. This makes buying TAMA tokens super easy! Transak enables fiat-to-crypto transactions and offers whopping 28 payment methods to choose.

If you choose this option and do not yet have an account with Transak, you must first create one. After that, the purchase of TAMA tokens through the pre-sale platform and the option “Buy ETH with card” can.

Important to know: You won’t get your TAMA symptoms right away, you will but only after the end of the presale. Once this is complete, you can request the tokens on the Tamadoge website with a mouse click.

Buy Tamadoge Tokens now

Last updated on September 14, 2022

The Tamadoge Presale has started!

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  • The pre-sale started on 08/02/2022
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