Ethereum (ETH): The public has nothing to fear from the Merge?

Ethereum (ETH): The public has nothing to fear from the Merge?

Tuesday August 23, 2022 ▪ 2:00 pm ▪

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Vitalik Buterin and all his cliques may have threatened the Merger, but investors’ fears are not allayed. During and after The Merge, what will happen to their ETH holdings? Will there be ETH 2 tokens? So many questions are affecting people’s minds right now. However, there are confident investors on the other side of the river. To show their loyalty to Ethereum, they increase the number of ETH put into the blockchain deposit contract.

Ethereum 2.0, more and more ETH blocked

By taking data from the Oklink platform, Times Tabloid concluded that the number of ETH placed in the Ethereum deposit contract is constantly changing. In fact, there is currently the equivalent of 13.3 million ETH.

Taking into account the placement history of ETH 2.0, it had an average of 36,000 coins staked per week from 1er August. That makes a total of 153,000 ETH in just 23 days.

However, it should be noted that individual investors are only entitled to exchanges, shipments and sales of their coins. Ethereum stack on the blockchain. Withdrawals suspended until further notice.

For Coinbase, the ideal solution is to suspend deposits and withdrawals immediately before and during the Merger. To avoid too many investors worrying about the fate of their ETH holdings.

Only a few more days before the Merger

Is the date of the Merger already known? More or less. In fact, some media suggested that it will be held on September 16.

As for the preparation of the Merger, everything seems to be in place. Just yesterday we learned that Ethereum developers have invited Ethereum 2.0 Teku users to upgrade. This is to integrate the Bellatrix upgrade, a step that requires the download of Teku v.22.81.

What is certain is that, after The Merge, there will be no more space for the Proof of Work. A situation that would not appeal to minors like Chandler Guo. Vitalik Buterin talked about identity-free Ethereum 2.0.

But the most important of the advantages of Fusion is energy saving: a saving of 99.95%, it is said.

After so much waiting, here we are finally close to Ethereum Merge. An event that caused so much ink to flow, and was the basis for some speculation. It is quite normal if investors are afraid of this change. But with Vitalik Buterin who is not stingy with explanations, and a very involved team behind the blockchain, they were better waiting for the changes patiently.

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