Ethereum (ETH) “The Final Merger” is expected between August and November

Ethereum (ETH) “The Final Merger” is expected between August and November

Improving blockchain technology is something that happens every day. Ethereum recently completed its “ Merge Ropsten testnet “. It allowed its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Beacon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network to merge. Thanks to this merger, Ethereum is about to switch to Ethereum 2.0, which would be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. After the Merge Ropsten testnet, Beiko confirmed the dates for the final Merger.

Announce the dates of “The Merge final” on Twitter

The Twitter thread that inspired the conversation

Tim Beiko had a chat with Ben Edgington, founder and product manager of client Teku Eth2, on Twitter. The incident happened when Ben called on the developers to work faster so that the world could see the final results sooner. To this end, Beiko replied that an exact date was difficult due to the complex technical details involved in the process. To quote, ” I am not entirely sure that more than a rough goal can be targeted, in terms of date. »

Edgington complied and even asked for a rough estimate. Beiko then revealed the estimated target saying that the operation “ Merger final could happen between August and November this year. As we have seen during the development of this new solution, the dates are subject to regular change. Under certain circumstances such as catastrophic events, technical system failure or any set of faults. Edgington does not seem to fully agree with this estimate. he even called ” way too hard “.

The entire cryptocurrency community hopes that this will not be the case. Ethereum 2.0 is overdue.

When will Ethereum ‘s “The Final Merge” take place?

The final merger was originally scheduled for June. However, it did not go as planned. It has also been reported that the developers are delayed due to some bugs they found during the Ropsten testnet merger. This came to light when Vitalik Buterin, co – founder of Ethereum, said that the estimated dates are between August and October, but he could face a delay if something goes wrong.

Because of these events, the entire cryptocurrency community feels confused. The developers indicated that this was already under too much pressure. However, at present there were no critical issues with testing and the “ Merger final there is a high probability that it will occur within the estimated time specified. Keeping a positive approach, Ethereum enthusiasts can look forward to the Goerli testnet merger, which represents the next step.


The supporters of the Ethereum blockchain positive about “ The Merger but the main concern is the delay in the process. Previously optimistic users have been turning to concerns about this topic. We hope, however, that there will be no major problems that could further change the dates. We wait patiently.

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