Ethereum (ETH): New partnership for liquid stack

Ethereum (ETH): New partnership for liquid stack

Ankr is a platform that offers a multi-chain infrastructure for Web3, DeFi and the digital economy. Ankr announced a strategic partnership with, a leading distributed validation technology infrastructure protocol.

This partnership will enable Ankr to leverage’s advances in distributed validation technology to improve risk management and aggregator performance. It will also promote decentralization between nodes in a completely transparent manner. Combining this technology with Ankr’s liquid stocking will increase security for anyone holding Ankr’s liquid-hardened derivatives.

In the coming months, Ankr will continue to grow its operator and validation base in parallel with to rapidly and efficiently integrate the protocol’s distributed node operator network. Additional measures will be taken to stress test, ensure stability, and test some of the commitment and delegation incentives being considered for the network.

The teams responsible for both protocols will continue to collaborate to improve the staking and node-running experience for the growing cash staking economy.

We are pleased to have Ankr as part of the SSV ecosystem. Ankr was one of the first liquid ETH stack pools in the space, its team has incredible technological foresight and the ability to execute quickly. This also applies to their decision to adopt DVT early and build a next generation stake pool on Staing will be taken to the next level said Alon Muroch, head of

This development comes at a time when the market is increasing interest in liquid stack solutions. Staing is currently worth $9 billion for the crypto-economy and is expected to reach $20 billion after the Ethereum Merger. If this trend remains constant and Proof of Stake is the dominant protocol, it could reach $40 billion by 2025.

Filipe Gonçalves, Head of DeFi at Ankr, said: “ Ankr’s partnership with offers everything our users expect from a liquid pledge: high levels of security and decentralization with stable and attractive results. As the demand for betting increases, we will grow along with it and will be able to provide betting rewards to an unlimited number of new users. »

Ankr is a pioneer in launching liquid stacking as a form of capital release in the crypto markets and has the technology to provide a better experience for stakeholders and node operators. By merging the distributed validation technology model with Ankr’s liquid stack infrastructure, the next generation of liquid staking protocols will be created. Together, Ankr and can shape the future of the liquid stack by providing greater decentralization, security and accessibility to stakeholders and node operators around the world.

SSV technology is completely new to the blockchain ecosystem. SSV is short for Secret Shared Collector, although this technology is also known as Distributed Collector Technology (DVT). It allows any validator node to distribute its keys to four separate operators to provide a fail-safe system for the operation of the node. DVT promotes customer diversity, decentralization, and resilience to failures while mitigating the risk of disruption and downtime.

The distributed Ethereum collector operation made possible by SSV will be complemented by Ankr’s own liquid stack infrastructure. This includes delegating funds to trusted nodes, introducing liquid staking tokens to free up user capital, and cross-chain integration to connect liquid sticky tokens to different blockchains to maximize earnings prospects.

The combination of Ankr’s agile infrastructure and distributed validation technology is intended to enable node operators of all sizes to gain greater access while reducing financial, technical and risk barriers.

The planned implementation of will help grow Ankr’s growing community of third-party node operators, thereby improving monetary security for all who hold Ankr’s liquid derivatives.

About is a decentralized staking infrastructure that enables the distributed operation of the Ethereum collector. It is an open source protocol for easy and scalable access to decentralized ETH stakes for everyone.

About Ankr

Ankr is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider that powers the core layer of Web3, DeFi, and the digital economy on more than 20 blockchains. The Ankr RPC Node Marketplace allows independent node providers to monetize their node infrastructure and enables Web3 developers to access Ankr’s increasingly decentralized RPC services with a pay-as-you-go model secured by the ANKR token . As a pioneer in liquid pledging, Ankr has democratized access to staking across multiple Proof-of-Stake chains. DeFi users, developers and platforms can all benefit from easy access to liquid stack infrastructure to build ecosystems with the largest source of cryptocurrency production available.

Ankr’s goal is to serve as the necessary infrastructure for Web3’s growth while ensuring that it remains decentralized through the Ankr Network. To not miss any announcement, follow Ankr on Twitter and their website, and on social networks and their website.

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