Ethereum (ETH): Exploding in September, find out why

Ethereum (ETH): Exploding in September, find out why

As ETH’s Paris CC continues, the name of the next tier 2 is already in everyone’s conversation. This layer 2 is Starknet, from Starkware. In fact, it makes ink flow. However, it is still only in the testing phase, and for many months. As the number of Tier 2s increases exponentially, it is important to understand what makes Starknet different to the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem.

On the Ethereum (ETH) side: Starknet, the star of ZK rollups

Starknet is above all a bet, the performance bet. Even if all the new networks insist on these points, Starknet is the promise of incredible scalability with minimal transaction costs. War of 2 layers that will be mostly of the ZK Rollups, the most used solution to increase the scalability of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. With tests at 3,000 transactions per second, Starknet is the fastest layer 2 by far. In addition, future Starknet updates will allow interoperability between applications, at ever lower costs.

Among its strengths, this network chose to use its own language, ie. Cairo, optimized for the smart contracts of tomorrow. More secure, it allows for more complex smart contracts than Solidity. Cairo therefore it stands out as one of the most popular languages ​​on the scene. Because it reduces the number of calls to the network, necessary to validate the operations of smart contracts. Finally, the proactivity of the Starknet team was the final ingredient to attract developers from all over the world.

A thriving blockchain ecosystem

When we talk about Ethereum and a 2 layers, it would be difficult, and redundant, to point out all the applications that are gradually being built on the best of them, Starknet. However, at the moment, two directions are emerging. On the one hand, decentralized finance will undoubtedly be the backbone of the ecosystem. And some NFTs also offer innovative applications. On the other hand, on the DeFi side, several DEXs, Starkswap, Sithswap, Zohal are obviously the biggest in the ecosystem. But the Magnety application, which offers to share its investment strategies with other users, will undoubtedly be one of the most important points of attraction.

On the NFT side, Briq is probably the headliner. This application provides an environment that allows users to make 3D NFTs using Minecraft style. In fact, it is amazing how many apps are launched. In fact we are still for a long time in the testing phase. This shows that the team behind the project has succeeded in creating real expectations.

Undoubtedly, the end of the year will be focused on the Ethereum universe. In fact, The Merge update and the 2 layers it will steal the limelight from other networks. But among all its competitors, Starknet will undoubtedly be the newcomer not to be missed.

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