Ethereum co – founder responds to PoS criticism amid upcoming mergers

Ethereum co - founder responds to PoS criticism amid upcoming mergers

Although some believe that Ethereum’s upcoming change Proof of Bet (PoS) could eventually push the platform to overtake the Bitcoin (BTC) network, others are seizing the opportunity to make derogatory comments on Twitter, prompting retaliation from Ethereum co – founder Vitalik Buterin.

I tweet, bitcoiner Nick Payton caught them “Proof of Betsand argued that voting to change the properties of PoS platforms proves that PoS assets are securities.

Proof Dear Stackers, Proof that the fact that you can vote for something to change its property is a title. Love, Bitcoin – Nick (@NickDPayton) July 11, 2022

Buterin is replied to the post, describing Payton’s comments as a “shameless lie.” According to Buterin, PoS does not include voting on protocol parameters, just like PoW (Proof of Work). Buterin also explained that in both cases the nodes reject invalid blocks.

Last week, Jimmy Song, author of a book on bitcoin, also left built at PoS, questioning consensus decentralization. According to Song, the mechanism does not solve the Byzantine Generals problem. Buterin recalled Song’s comments in a tweet:

Pro-tip: If the long – established tradition of people debating A vs B is based on deep arguments in mathematics, economics, and moral philosophy, then you end up saying “B is stupid because of a one – line technical definition. . “, you are probably wrong. – vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) July 3, 2022

In addition to Buterin, there is also another Ethereum founder and PoS judge, Charles Hoskinson given his opinion, saying the “level of stupidity” of Song’s tweet is “beyond explanation.”

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As many reviews come after PoS preceded the merger of Ethereum, a decentralized financial researcher offered some positive thoughts on the upcoming change. In a thread, Vivek Raman said the move to PoS gives Ethereum the economic structure it needs to challenge Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto space.

Earlier in July, Ethereum completed a major merger trial on the Seplia testnet. This brings the platform closer to the switch to the PoS consensus mechanism. The developers stated that while there are some difficulties, these will not delay the merger.

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