Ethereum, Battle Infinity, Polygon: 3 cryptos ready to explode this week

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Every day, every week, some cryptos work better than others, that’s it the law of the market. The reasons can be multiple and it is difficult to follow everything because there are a large number of projects.

Of course, market conditions can also facilitate significant increases. This week, though the Fear & Sin Index still in the fear zone, investors seem to be gradually regaining hope, this enthusiasm is creating a demand that further favors the 3 must-miss cryptos this week!

Game Infinity Battle

Infinity War is hard to miss. This is Game Fantasy League which will soon see the light of day in the Metaverse. The goal is to build your team and compete against other players to climb the rankings. The development is done under Unreal Engine.

Of course, your heroes, like all the equipment you get in the game to improve your team, will be NFTs that can be resold. It is so Play-to-Earn which caused a great stir within the community. In fact, the presale has just started less than 10 days ago and already collected $500,000.

For many investors, this project from India could become popular as soon as it is released, causing its price to explode, enough to make a nice capital gain. This game will use the Binance blockchain (Binance Smart Chain) throughout 10 billion tokens available in circulation.

There are just over 81 days left before the pre-sale ends and it represents 28% of the expected 10 billion tokens in circulation. Just as Axie Infinity was probably the game of the year 2021 in the crypto world, it could be Battle Infinity becomes one of 2022 on the side of accessible video games in the Metaverse.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

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Here is another project developed by an Indian team, it is Polygon. He is overlay for Ethereum which aims to help solve the scalability problem of the Ethereum blockchain.

After the collapse of Terra, many projects were decided on the Terraform Labs blockchain migrate to the MATIC side to further strengthen the already successful project.

As a bonus, several well-known mainstream players have given their support to Polygon over the past few months. First Bentley launched their collection of NFTs on Polygon, but just a few days ago Disney announced that they were adding Polygon within its accelerator as a start-up. This Disney program is used to help young companies with potential.

Ethereum, Battle Infinity, Polygon: 3 cryptos ready to explode this week

Facing the bearish market, MATIC is resisting because it has been able to gain value where most cryptos are losing. Just 7 days ago its price was around $0.5, where we are today as of this writing almost $1 and the bar will probably be crossed very soon. That’s a 73% increase in one week. The project is solid and in any case if you look away from it, it could explode even more in the coming days!


Ethereum is a giant that needs no introduction, the second eternal behind Bitcoin. Ethereum’s main problem over scalability is the high cost of transactions on its blockchain.

The developers have found a solution that will help establish the POS protocol (Proof of Pledge) to replace POW (Proof of Work) should reduce the calculations by stopping forcing competition between miners, but as a bonus make the project much more ecological.

The Merger is coming!

This is called the long-awaited update The Merger and in the last few months (and even last year), several attempts have been made to achieve this migration. Unfortunately, such modification is sensitive and complex, the developers got closer to the goal without achieving it.

However, things could change soon! The developers just announced on July 14th the creation of The Merge for 19 September. The date is not completely guaranteed, but the enthusiasm of the investors was not long in coming.

Ethereum, Battle Infinity, Polygon: 3 cryptos ready to explode this week

In just a few days, the price of Ethereum went from $1,200 to $1,605.45 today, which An increase of 54.67%. over 7 days. Some analysts will even imagine Ethereum as being able to overtake Bitcoin in a few years to be the number 1 cryptocurrency.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Of course, beyond this good news, we also have to take into account the rise of Bitcoin which today crossed the $23,000 mark, approaching its resistance at $25,000. When the The king is clearly walking, most of the time that all other cryptocurrencies benefit from, it remains to be seen if this rise will continue or if it is just an illusion for investors looking for reassurance that a much more dangerous fall could lead to it.

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