Ethereum 2.0: The Merge date confirmed by the foundation

ethereum date merge

Ethereum is about to make its transition to the Proof of Stake system with The Merge. Thanks to the responsiveness of the teams leading the project, we can expect the project to progress before the scheduled date! The Merger is supposed to revolutionize the ETH token. Investors have already prepared their investment strategy for the big day.

While Bitcoin experienced some turmoil on August 19, 2022 bringing Ethereum down with it, The Merge is expected to boost crypto for years to come. All the tests have been completed successfully and all that remains is to implement the new system to Ethereum. Find out everything there is to know about the project in the final days before its release.

When is the release date of The Merge?

According to the foundation, The Merger should be complete between 10 and 20 September.. However, there will be an earlier phase called “Bellatrix” which will take place on September 6.

The “Paris” phase will finish the whole thing and fully implement the Ethereum Proof of Stake system.

Bellatrix stage will therefore be able to achieve smooth running of the merger for Ethereum before the final!

In its blog, Ethereum provided us with all the details about the upgrade. Upon implementation of the Merger and the end of the Paris phase, you can expect a 99.95% energy cost reduction. compared to the PoW system in just 12 minutes. This change will have the effect of significantly reducing transaction fees for ETH crypto!

ETH information upgrade

Not the end of the Merger, but the beginning of change


The adoption of the Ethereum network is not an end in itself with this brand new transaction process. The Merge opens the doors to many changes annexes that will complete the merger. In short, from September he will get a fresh start to build on firmer and firmer foundations.

Vitalik Buterin, The co-founder of Ethereum, these changes are divided into different phases:

  • The boom : this step corresponds to adding Ethereum sharding to the network. It will make it possible to process large transactions much faster as well as securing the network better. To better understand the importance of this step, tell yourself that Ethereum can currently process 15 to 20 transactions per second. Ethereum sharding will increase this amount to 100,000 transactions per second!
  • The edge : here, it means bringing better cryptocurrency decentralization by ensuring that collectors no longer need to store large amounts of data on their machines. The edge will be based on a type of mathematical proof that Buterin calls a “Verkle tree”.
  • The purge : the purge phase will allow the network to gain a little more speed by allowing the nodes not to store the history on the hard disk. The old network history will then be cleared, as the name suggests.
  • The splurge : names everything the co-founder hasn’t thought of yet. It is true that it is difficult to anticipate all the major changes that will work over time on this transition. The future will tell us what will happen to Ethereum!

Invest in Ethereum to predict The Merge

Some investors believe that the token will increase in value upon its release before seeing a correction soon after. However, The Merge is a project that has to take the 2nd crypto world to another level for many years. By investing in Ethereum 2.0, instead, you are aiming for a stable and bullish return over time. The success or otherwise of the project will tell us more about the future of ETH for the next ten years.

The latter recently suffered the ruthless speculation of the cryptocurrency world by following Bitcoin in its fall. If you are thinking of taking advantage of this probably temporary drop to invest in ETH, it is very simple.

You have two options for this:

  • Three trading platforms : you can go to platforms like Coinbase or Binance to buy Ethereum. You will need to verify your identity as well as your bank account to make transactions.
  • Three wallets : this solution is simpler, but offers less functionality. All you have to do is go to MetaMask or TrustWallet for example and create a wallet. The procedure takes 5 minutes and you can already buy ETH with your bank card and store it.

If you want to know more about Ethereum price developmentwe encourage you to visit our real-time course page by clicking here.

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