EthCC [5] : the largest annual Ethereum (ETH) event in Europe?

EthCC [5] : the largest annual Ethereum (ETH) event in Europe?

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is Europe ‘s largest annual technology and community – focused Ethereum event. The event is 5e Edition and will take place in Paris, from July 19 to 21, 2022, with more than 250 speakers from all over the world.

Technology and the Ethereum (ETH) community are at the center of the debate!

The EthCC [5] It is an unmissable event that will be hosted in particular by Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum (ETH). Other speakers like Eli Ben-Sasson, co-inventor of zkSTARK and Julien Bouteloup, creator of Stake DAO are expected. The event will also be led by Aani and Lens co – founder Stani Kulechov, Gitcoin creator Kevin Owocki, ParaSwap founder Mounir Benchemled, UMA co – founder Hart Lambur, and Alex Svanevik. who is the CEO of Nansen.

The EthCC [5] yes organized by and for the community, under the auspices of Ethereum France which is a non – profit association. It gives every enthusiast on the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem the opportunity to discover different views and achievements on the Ethereum blockchain through various conferences. Various topics will be discussed for promote a better understanding of this technology.

Please note that the EthCC will take place during the week [5], various events will take place in Paris. Among the latter, we can distinguish between meetings, evenings and very interesting panels.

An event focused on sharing and transmitting information

The EthCC [5], it’s three days of meetings, networking and information! The event is aimed at sharing and communicating information the development pillars of a quality ecosystemaccording to Ethereum France.

In fact, the Ethereum France team said: “At Ethereum France, we believe that sharing and transmitting knowledge is the most effective way to develop a positive and productive ecosystem. For this reason, the EthCC covers many different topics and caters for different levels of understanding of blockchain technology, through lectures and workshops.. “.

To take part in this transnational event, one had to buy affordable tickets according to Ethereum France. However, be aware of that the available places were sold out in a few hours. In addition, the association ensured that there would be some transparency on the budget.

Ethereum France also stated that the profits will be “redistribution of the ecosystem“. For this 5e Edition, new features are expected and all conferences can be followed live and for free on the EthCC website.

EthCC [5]and 5e Edition of the largest annual Ethereum (ETH) event in Europe, promises to be rich in discoveries and emotions. With more than 250 speakers from around the world in anticipation, the event is an opportunity to better discover and understand the contours of Ethereum technology. Comprehensive and in-depth discussion, educational lectures and welcome parties are planned.


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