Establish a bitcoin mining company (BTC) in Texas

Establish a bitcoin mining company (BTC) in Texas

Cryptocurrency is gradually expanding its empire across the United States. This time, West Texas is taking advantage of a new Bitcoin (BTC) project. Texas ’largest landowner, Texas Pacific Land Corporation (TPL), is embarking on a promising partnership to launch a Bitcoin mining farm. What would be the implications of this collaboration and how does it present itself?

TPL, one of Texas’ s largest landowners, Mawson Infrastructure and JAI Energy have partnered with West Texas to open a Bitcoin mining farm

TPL, in partnership with Mawson and JAI, is moving towards bitcoin

Three major companies are collaborating to bring bitcoin mining business to West Texas. Such investment further reflects the growth of bitcoin in this part of the United States.

Holding multiple lands in 20 counties in West Texas, TPL or Texas Pacific Land Corporation is considered to be the largest landowner in Texas. This huge surface area of ​​TPL will make a great location for a bitcoin mining company. By embarking on this path, TPL is definitely opening up to cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

In its Bitcoin mining project in Texas, TPL has decided to partner with the two powerful companies Mawson and JAI. As a reminder, Mawson is a digital infrastructure provider. The company aims to lead the world towards a new digital economy. As such, it has a sustainable energy infrastructure as well as a mobile data center. This is a very strong reason for TPL to partner with this renowned supplier. Currently, Mawson Infrastructure Group is about to become a leader in the worldwide Bitcoin mining business.

For JAI Energy, it owns a mining farm in Wyoming. Its role will be to provide mining services for the Bitcoin blockchain service. These services include flaring and low cost natural gas flows.

Texas is the best destination for Bitcoin mining

The United States has always shown some reluctance towards cryptocurrencies, NFTs and everything related to the crypto market. But it seems that Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, has gradually won over the interests of Americans. Texas welcomes the open arms of the establishment of a Bitcoin mining company thanks to the intervention of TPL and its partners. Given the power of these three companies as well as the resources available to them, the project has a great opportunity to see the light of day and flourish.

The project will be fantastic and promises to succeed, as Mawson will own and operate the entire facility. These will be able to support approximately two exahashes (2EH / s) of Bitcoin mining capacity. For JAI and TPL, their royalty rights will be secure.


Finally, TPL’s initiative to set up a Bitcoin mining company in Texas is a sign that it is moving toward cryptocurrencies. In addition, this project has every chance of developing, as it is clear that all the necessary resources are now in place. It remains to be seen what positive impact this project will have on West Texas in the near future.

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