Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover boosts Dogecoin – is there $1 in it? –

Elon Musk's Twitter takeover boosts Dogecoin - is there $1 in it?  -

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So he did it after all – after a hard struggle and months of back and forth Elon Musk bought the short messaging service Twitter after all. The SEC has confirmed Twitter’s delisting, and the New York Stock Exchange has already suspended the stock. The purchase price of the short messaging service was approximately 44 billion euros. Musk has already confirmed the acquisition on his Twitter channel. He tweeted: “The bird is free” and he followed his words with deeds.

Some managers had to leave – is Trump coming back on Twitter?

As expected, some had to Top manager of the short message service take her hatincluding the CEO Parag Agrawal and the chief financial officer Ned Segal. The same among the dismissals too Vijaya Gade he, the manager for the fight against hate speech and misinformation. fear critics now that Musk is going to significantly reduce content moderation – and of course, that Donald Trump could return to the scene. He has repeatedly denied that – but we also know that Donald Trump doesn’t care much about his “chatter from yesterday”.


Elon Musk Twitter

In the past, the richest man in the world and the head of the car Tesla and the space company SpaceX have accused several times on Twitter restrict freedom of speech. Musk himself is a radical advocate of freedom of opinion and speech. In an interview in May this year, he said the decision to ban Trump was “morally wrong and just plain stupid”. Trump’s account was suspended after radical supporters of the former president attacked the Capitol. It remains to be seen whether Trump will return to Twitter.

Meanwhile Elon Musk has announced that he will create a committee that will make key decisions on mitigating controversial content and banning users – like Facebook.

Musk faces big challenges at Twitter

Although Twitter is used by many celebrities and politicians, but it is much worse compared to Facebook. Add to that the short message service debt and was never in the black. Another problem: Musk is very polarizing as a person – which could affect advertisers as well. General Motors has already announced that it will temporarily suspend paid advertising. Other major players could follow. Of the However, the crypto market responded positively to Musk’s Twitter acquisition.

Dogecoin – Elon Musk’s great cryptocurrency love

That’s great Elon Musk We are fans of cryptocurrencies, it shouldn’t be a secret. Although it tends to be associated with Bitcoin, its true love is the Dogecoin coin meme – even though it has been sued for $258 billion in damages. The meme base in particular may play a bigger role on Twitter in the future.

Dogecoin The DOGE bulls are trampling – but will the rally last?

Dogecoin forecast: 1 US dollar price realistic?

The truth is: The The price of Dogecoin benefited of the very latest developments. So far the course is the last one 24 hours burst to 0.1157 eurowhich has a plus of approx 36% capacity – the trend continues to rise. That too volume pumped in the last 70% up in 24 hours – about 5 billion US dollars. Will the DOGE go above 0.77 US dollars again and maybe even once reach the price of 1 US dollar still in the stars right now.

But it could be good like that the Dogecoin as a future payment method he could play a big part in Twitter – which has a positive effect on the course. At Tesla and SpaceX, for example, you can also pay for certain purchased products in Dogecoin, Musk could plan something similar for Twitter, for example as a method of payment for paid services on the platform. Content creators could also share the advertising revenue, but the distribution is not in Fiat money, but in Dogecoin. It’s certainly still exciting what Elon Musk is planning for the future of Twitter – and to what extent the Dogecoin will be involved.

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Last updated on 29 October 2022

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