Elon Musk, his great love, the Dogecoin and why this new meme coin is worth investing –

Elon Musk, his great love, the Dogecoin and why this new meme coin is worth investing -

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Since Elon Musk loves Dogecoin (and there’s really no understatement!) everyone in the crypto community should have reached out to him by now – unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while last year. The second richest person in the world has repeatedly expressed his sympathy for the meme base.

Elon changes the Twitter logo

A few days ago, most Twitter users were probably surprised when, instead of the usual blue bird, the Dogecoin meme suddenly appeared as a logo on the website of the short messaging service. Elon Musk had exchanged the signal without further delay. The course of the Dogecoin promptly went up again by about 20%. The secret of the eccentric Musk is still the reason why he changed the logo. He just tweeted a meme, and that’s probably enough of an explanation. As press inquiries were, as has become the norm on Twitter lately, they were only answered with an automated email with a poo emoji. The bird is now back, but there is a new move from Elon Musk. The “W” was removed from Twitter’s corporate logo in San Francisco.

Claim for damages against Musk – because of Dogecoin

Once again, Musk’s action raised allegations of price manipulation – and really at an inopportune time. A multi-billion investor lawsuit is pending against the world’s second richest man. The accusation: Elon Musk knows full well that the Dogecoin has no real value. However, he would repeatedly recommend the coin to artificially inflate the price and then profit from the trade. The lawsuit for damages is valued at $258 billion. Meanwhile, Musk’s lawyers described the accusations as “a fake work of fiction” and his tweets as “harmless” and “silly.”

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What is Dogecoin anyway

The Dogecoin was invented in 2013 by the two software engineers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer as a parody of the Bitcoin. The two combined the hottest trends of the time, cryptos and the Doge meme. The goal behind the Dogecoin was to create crypto for the public and serve as a simple and straightforward payment method. In addition, the DOGE is considered a “beginner’s cryptographer” because it is cheap. However, what distinguishes the Dogecoin from many other cryptos is that the DOGE is inflated. That means there is an unlimited amount of coins.

The options for paying with Dogecoin are pretty clear. Tesla accepts the DOGE for select items. You can also use Dogecoin to pay for Twitch, Air Baltic, Hope for Paws or the Dallas Mavericks. Incidentally, Dogefather is the name for Elon Musk in the Dogecoin community. The Dogecoin is currently in 8th place in the crypto ranking. You can buy the Dogecoinfast on all crypto exchanges. The highest rate of Dogecoin so far is $0.731578. Currently, DOGE costs $0.085.

Love Hate Inu – the Dogecoin alternative with utilities

Love Hate Inu is a new meme coin project. The pre-sale of the platform started only recently and so far the team has managed to collect about 3.5 million US dollars to raise capital. Pre-sales are currently in the fourth phase of a total of eight phases. One LHINU currently costs $0.000105.

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What distinguishes the LHINU from the DOGE? This question is quite easy to answer: The coin is the native token of the platform Love Hate Inu, which incidentally created a new genre in the metaverse: Vote to Earn.
The LHINU tokens can be purchased with UDST, BNB, ETH or through the partnership with Transak via credit card with fiat money.

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu is a polling platform, but not your average one. On the one hand there are the graphics with their funny designs that have what it takes to go viral. On the other hand, if users want to participate in a survey, they need to block their LHINU coins for 30 days. This stops spam and manipulation. The more votes you cast, the more you earn. The blockchain makes voting transparent and secure. Both companies and private users can start surveys on the platform. For companies, Love Hate Inu offers additional added value. These can create additional incentives to participate in the respective surveys, for example by companies and brands that offer digital and non-digital rewards to users. This could include the discount codes, which are very popular on social media and can be displayed as NFT thanks to the blockchain. The project is also gaining popularity in the crypto community. About 34,000 people now follow the channel on Twitter.

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Love Hate Inu – like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, only with utility

The potential of LHINU is huge. Check out the Shiba Inu (SHIB), launched only in 2020, priced at $0.000000000153. The price is around $0.00001035 today, up 7,228,658%. Analysts are saying that the coin could be the best investment this year. No wonder, because the makers are targeting the billion-dollar survey industry.

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Last updated on April 11, 2023

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