Easy sports betting with Bitcoin (BTC) and Log Discrete Contracts

Easy sports betting with Bitcoin (BTC) and Log Discrete Contracts

Discretionary Login Contracts or DLCs are a way to make peer-to-peer sports betting directly on Bitcoin. Thus bookmakers can enjoy equal opportunities. These contracts rely on oracle witnessing, relative to the real world event. The funds blocked in the bitcoin transaction can be released when oracle confirms the outcome of this event. DLCs ​​add value to the existing sports betting ecosystem.

Facilitate Sports Betting with Bitcoin and Discrete Login Contracts

“The vig”, the principle

ann “ margin »Or the« house edge »Best known for the acronym« energy “. This is a mathematical advantage that comes from sports betting. Bettors are always sure to make profits in the long run. Sports betting gives them some hope, introducing statistical bias. The latter enjoy a percentage of the profit they can capture, regardless of the outcome of the game.So, sports betting is very profitable for them. They just need to manage their business well, as well as the risks, to always win. The combination of Bitcoin and discrete logging contracts eliminates the margin. It ensures the construction of bets with fair odds. A sports bettor can increase his profitability in the long run.

The different types of sports betting

There are two distinct categories of sports betting. Recreational sports bets are the same as those seen on television during sporting events. They attract customers within who place a bet against a sports bookmaker. Sensitivity to the margins (the vig) allows bookmakers to make money. These clients are therefore at a disadvantage and are sure to lose because the introduced mathematical inclination is unfavorable to them. To win, they need to take advantage of sports betting. This type of bettor has a weak view of advantageous customers. The sports book expels them.

For professional sports betting, the bookmaker is smarter. They take the other side of every transaction on the platform. In fact, they need to have an advantage over their customers so that they do not lose money. Market makers set the line to be competitive. As a result, they will attract more punters in hopes of a game result. First of all, they need to introduce vig, to ensure that their operation is profitable. Its prosperity is a result of the analysis of betting flows. The valuable information gathered gives them priority over the other punters on the platform.

Bitcoin intervention and DLCs

Because they are more technically sophisticated, clients of market makers are more sensitive to odd prices. They are great clients for discrete log contracts. In fact, they respect the privacy offered by the DLCs, fair hodds and instant payments in the form of bitcoins. DLCs ​​are not registered on a centralized platform. Therefore, placing large bets will have no impact on the betting markets. This is similar to over-the-counter transactions. The main advantages are that the quantities of financial products exchanged are unlimited and transactions can be made in private.


Bitcoin The sports betting industry has already been impacted. It is accepted to send money easily. It does not take into account the geographical location of the bettors. Discrete Login Contracts or DLCs are the next revolution for Bitcoin sports betting.

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