DRC20 Tokens Boost Dogecoin Transactions and AiDoge Targets $9M –

DRC20 Tokens Boost Dogecoin Transactions and AiDoge Targets $9M -

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Although the price of Dogecoin has not seen any high jump in the last few days, the network is very popular. This becomes especially clear when you look at the transactions.

DRC20 tokens explode Dogecoin transactions

The main reason for the increase in transactions is the new ones DRC20 signals. DRC20 tokens were issued on May 9, 2023. They are similar in principle to BRC20 tokens. The smallest unit of Dogecoins – called Elons – can be inscribed and therefore unique.

Recently, the hype surrounding BRC20 tokens caused a massive overload on the Bitcoin network. The Dogecoin blockchain continues to run stably and without major restrictions.

According to bitinfocharts data, the number of Dogecoin transactions has grown parabolically over the past few days, peaking at 630,000 transactions on May 14.

For comparison, Litecoin was only seeing 350,000 daily transactions at the time.

AiDoge facing a new million mark – is it worth starting?

Although Dogecoin was able to increase significantly in terms of transactions, the course of DOGE is stagnating.

However, memecoins are currently creating a sensation. Recently, it was cryptocurrencies like Pepe, Shiba Inu or $SPONGE. Although most of the coins have had to struggle with recent price declines, they have occasionally continued to generate high profits for investors.

The raison d’être of memecoins is a matter of debate. The truth is that different communities have been formed over the years, and they all support their favorite memecoin.

AiDoge goes a step further. Due to the popularity of memecoins, AI-based crypto protocols are especially in demand. An example of this is SingularityNET (AGIX). The price of this cryptocurrency has exploded since the beginning of the year. AiDoge now combines the meme genre with artificial intelligence.

Here for the AI ​​DOGE Presale

As a user, you can have new memes generated by AiDoge – through artificial intelligence. Memes have huge potential on social media such as Instagram, Reddit or Twitter and ensure that users stay on the respective platforms for a long time.

AiDoge is still in pre-sale status. This means you can get started with AiDoge in advance before the currency is listed on major crypto exchanges. So far, investors have invested $8.7 million in the AiDoge within three weeks. The current presale price is $0.0000308. In 4 days at the latest, however, the course will rise by 1.2 percent. By the time the coin is listed, the price per coin will have increased a little more than 9 percent to $0.0000336.

Therefore, a 9 percent profit would be recorded until the listing. The price of AiDoge is then negotiated on the open market. The strong interest in the PreSale could mean that well-known crypto exchanges could make the first listings of AiDoge shortly after the end of the PreSale – often as a catalyst for the next big price movement.

Here for the AI ​​DOGE Presale

Last updated 17 May 2023

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