Double your Bitcoins and Ethereum with this strategy

Double your Bitcoins and Ethereum with this strategy

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When it comes to protecting your cryptocurrencies in the face of a volatile financial climate, security must come first. Of course, the best investment opportunities not only come with the lowest possible financial risk, they also require minimal ongoing management and offer an exceptional return on investment.

So far, no strategy fits this description as well as automated crypto arbitrage.


Undoubtedly the most reliable automated arbitrage platform on the market ArbiSmart, a growing financial services hub that offers a variety of volatility-resistant crypto earnings. The investments are virtually risk free and generate consistent generous passive profits.

Using ArbiSmart as an example, let’s see how crypto arbitrage works and what makes an investment strategy so attractive, even in the middle of a bull market.

Low risk, big profits

Automated crypto arbitrage one of the most popular services in the EU approved ArbiSmart Ecosystem, especially during economic downturns because it provides excellent protection against falling prices.

Crypto arbitrage generates a steady stream of income from temporary price differences, ie when a coin is available at different prices on more than one exchange at the same time.

There are many reasons for price differences, for example: B. Differences in trading volume between smaller exchanges and larger exchanges, and they occur with equal regularity in a bull or bear market.

The ArbiSmart algorithm is integrated with almost 40 exchanges and scans day and night for price differences in hundreds of cryptocurrencies at the same time. The cryptocurrency is bought at the lowest available price and sold at the highest, allowing gains of up to 45% per year depending on the amount invested.

Earn good annual returns with arbitrage
Another notable service from ArbiSmart is the recently launched interest-bearing wallet, which offers the same interest rate on your funds regardless of which direction the market is moving. Wallet holders can invest their capital in short-term savings plans lasting as little as one month, or in long-term savings plans lasting up to five years, and the longer the capital is tied up, the higher the interest rate. Interest is paid daily and can be transferred to a separate balance from which it can be withdrawn at any time, or added directly to the established balance to receive a higher interest rate.

ArbiSmart Savings Plans offer interest rates unmatched by any competitor in the industry, reaching up to 147% per annum. The exact amount of interest income depends on the account status the owner of the wallet, who determines the amount of native token RBIS they have. Having more RBIS means higher returns on balances in all wallets for 25 FIAT and various supported cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum and ApeCoin to Euro, USD and GBP.

If the balance is in RBIS, the interest rate will be three times higher than for balances in other currencies. However, a wallet owner can choose to keep their balance in Bitcoin or Euro and increase their profit through the daily interest in RBIS.

What’s in the plan?

This fall and winter, the ArbiSmart development team will be extremely busy.

Other areas of NFT application and market are also being planned
In addition to a mobile application that will allow you to use ArbiSmart utilities remotely, the project will introduce a DeFi protocol and a yield farming service that will take a completely new direction with unique gaming features.

An NFT marketplace to buy and sell non-tradable tokens and a collection of unique ArbiSmart NFTs will also be released in Q4. Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart will launch a cryptocurrency exchange and game Metaverse that will offer real profits from buying, selling and developing virtual real estate.

All utilities in the ArbiSmart ecosystem are interconnected, giving you better terms when using more than one service at the same time. For example, owning an ArbiSmart NFT will increase the annual profit of a liquidity provider.

RBIS sign

So how will the crypto arbitrage system, wallet and services yet to be added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem affect the price of RBIS? To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at the token economy.

First of all, it is important to understand that all services offered by ArbiSmart require the use of the RBIS token. For example, before the crypto arbitrage algorithm can start generating profits on behalf of a user, the invested funds are automatically converted to RBIS. The token is also required to purchase all game items in the Metaverse and participate in the decentralized yield farming program. In addition, RBIS is required to earn interest on savings plans, and the more RBIS is purchased, the higher the return on each backed currency.

Therefore, with each new utility added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem in the coming months and beyond, the demand for the token will increase. As the new wallet gains traction and the size of RBIS is linked to long-term savings and withdrawn from general circulation, the supply will decrease. This is because there is a permanent limit on the number of properties that can ever be issued.

Growing demand could outstrip supply
As growing demand outstrips shrinking supply, the token price will rise, giving RBIS owners huge capital gains – on top of their betting, gambling, trading income , or just investing their capital safely. Analysts calculate even with a 7,000% increase in the price of RBIS by the end of 2022!

To protect against another price drop and make a profit on your bitcoin while you wait for the market to recover, join now with ArbiSmart!

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