Dogecoin soon at Burger King? Fast food chain claims DOGE – the price is pumping!

Dogecoin soon at Burger King?  Fast food chain claims DOGE - the price is pumping!

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Dogecoin enthusiasts are wagging their proverbial tails following a tweet from Burger King suggesting cryptocurrency integration. The DOGE community is very excited about this right now.

When the tweet went live, the price of DOGE rose 2.72% to $0.77. That gives its proponents a glimmer of hope that the cryptocurrency could finally break the elusive $0.08 mark.

Although the fast food giant did not reveal any additional details about its plans to launch DOGE, the hint alone is enough to inspire hope among Dogecoin supporters, who have been eagerly awaiting the breakthrough for months.

The question remains: could this be the moment when Dogecoin finally realizes its potential and rises to new heights?

Burger King: excited about Dogecoin adaptation

Burger King Paris also caused a stir in the crypto world this week when the company announced that it would accept digital currencies as payment through Binance and Alchemy Pay.

In response to a post about this announcement, the Burger King UK branch made an unexpected comment about Dogecoin:

“We need a Doge.”

This shocked the Dogecoin community – but it wasn’t just Dogecoin that caught the attention of the fast food giant. Burger King UK also responded to comments related to Floki Inu (FLOKI), although they have not confirmed or denied whether they will accept the meme-inspired cryptocurrency as payment.

Will Dogecoin break the $0.08 mark soon?

On the CoinMarketCap daily chart, the price of DOGE is approaching the critical resistance level at $0.0789. Although it is too early to predict any major price action, if the price can break through and hold above $0.078, it may have enough momentum for a possible rally towards $0.08.

However, despite the optimistic outlook, DOGE has struggled to gain ground recently as its value is mostly flat.

Last year’s price collapse, when the meme coin fell below $0.1 in November, also affected the sentiment of retail investors – who turned cautious due to the lack of significant price action.

DOGE’s total market cap is $9.9 billion on the daily chart at

β€œYes! When Doge? πŸ• πŸ” πŸ‘‘”

However, the one hint of Dogecoin adaptation, as experienced by Burger King UK, has sparked a new spirit of hope in the community.

This development serves as a timely reminder that sometimes all it takes is a simple comment on social media to restore positive sentiment towards a certain type of cryptocurrency – and in this case, DOGE.

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Text credit: Newsbtc

Last updated on March 30, 2023

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