Dogecoin price forecast: This meme coin is currently outperforming

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The Dogecoin is the most popular meme coin of all time. According to the developers, the crazy token was only supposed to be a joke currency, but it didn’t take long for it to enjoy great hype.

The DOGE currently has a current market capitalization of around 8 billion euros and is therefore in 10th place among all currencies. The forecasts for the end of 2022 and the coming years are mixed to the right base, explosions are no longer expected. Another option may therefore be more worthwhile. More on this in the following article.

Dogecoin price analysis

Since the community behind the coin is huge and still growing, acceptance as a payment method is also increasing. Of course, this could also affect the course.

The room could then be worth 0.1 USD by 2025, but that also depends on the success of the developers. Currently you have to pay around 0.06 USD for DOGE. It is not known whether the devs are ready to let their dogecoin participate in a large metaverse. If those plans cannot be adhered to or are not successful, it may have a negative impact on the signal.

Basically, the price of Dogecoin is determined by supply and demand, but it is currently very volatile. But social media plays a big role especially in meme coins. Analysts believe that the price of the DOGE is linked to the activity of social platforms, which is why it has regular decreases and increases.

The developers of the coin are currently tasked with ending the fluctuating course and ensuring stability with new projects. But how much the changes will affect the course and, above all, how much it will change, is very difficult to predict on a meme basis and investors have no choice but to wait and see.

A new coin from the meme world

Major price explosions are not expected given the current performance of the Shiba Inus. With a new meme coin, however, things are very different. Tamadoge is currently showing great potential to be a very successful coin.

The TAMA token has been in pre-sale since July 3rd and the token is doing very well. The fifth stage of a total of eight stages has already been reached. The pre-sale is dynamic, since a 25% price increase occurs in each phase.

Currently, you get around 38 TAMA tokens for 1 USDT. After the end of the pre-sale, the price of the token will increase again. To date, over $11 million in tokens have been sold within two months.

With the presale, which has been so successful so far, it can be assumed that it will end early this month.

What makes Tamadoge so special?

Tamanomics TAMA token
Like other meme coins, the TAMA token also enjoys the funny face of a Shiba Inu, which has already become a real trademark in the crypto world. Token users will soon be able to enjoy one of the popular games to play for money.

In the game, each player is given an NFT-based dog that they must take care of in the future so that they can evolve. If you take good care of your dog and are high enough on the ranking list, you will soon be able to participate in PVP games where players can earn rewards.

During a PVP game, two player dogs compete against each other and the winner gets Doge Points. Each month, the player who has collected the most Dogepoints will receive TAMA tokens.

The player can send these directly to their wallet and convert them into cash, or they can leave them in the Tamaverse and use them to buy a new leash or some treats for their Shiba Inu.

The game is reminiscent of the hyped Tamagotchis in the 90s, here also the owners to take care of the friends beeping around the clock. Tamadoge uses a very popular application with the Play-to-Earn game, as this type of game is increasingly being used in crypto projects.

The games provide users with a real use case and make the cryptocurrency more “tangible” for them.

One or the other is now wondering where the difference is with other meme coins. This lies in the case of Uce and the healthy ecosystem of the token.

Tamadoge distributes the tokens as follows: 50% of the tokens are reserved for the pre-sale. 20% are listed on a central and decentralized stock exchange. 10% is planned for the next 10 years. Good to know: There are no tokens reserved for TAMA developers.

The value of the deflation sign is planned. This means that the value should rise steadily, even if the demand for it is not high. This will be ensured by regular burning of signals.

For this purpose, 5% of the trading tokens are burned for every transaction that takes place in the Tamaverse. Due to the scarcity of tokens, the value should rise steadily.

The developers have big plans for TAMA

Map of Tamadoge
However, the developers of the sign did not leave it at the upcoming releases. In the roadmap, the developers write about big plans such as app, partnerships and other CEX listings.

The app is already planned for next year and should have an AR mode, which has already caused huge hype with other games like Pokémon Go.

The pre-sale figures so far, the developers’ plans and the structure of the play-to-earn game make analysts talk of a new dimension within the crypto world. In forecasts, they assume that the value of the token could be as high as $4 in two years.

If you consider that there are no numbers available except in the pre-sale, these are extremely positive predictions. With even more favorable forecast models, analysts see that the USD 4 mark could be reached in 12 months.

The promising forecasts are probably due to the combination of the large community, the Shiba Inu factor, the popular play-to-earn system and the serious use case of the token.

The dynamic pre-sale is running very fast so far and anyone looking to get a discount now to take advantage of high returns shouldn’t wait too long. The tokens can be expected to sell out in a few weeks.

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