Dogecoin (DOGE), Elon Musk: Why is May 8 so important?

Dogecoin (DOGE), Elon Musk: Why is May 8 so important?

The day of May 8 will remain in the annals of Dogecoin, since he knew his ATH the same day during 2021. It was also an occasion for Elon Musk to play a character on an episode of “ Saturday Night Live (SNL). When asked about a possible scam in Dogecoin, the billionaire replied ” yes “.

May 8, anniversary of the first ATH of Dogecoin (DOGE)

In 2013, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus had the brilliant idea to launch Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency used for ups and downs. So, do not think that ATH May 8 is not the first highest level ever at DOGE. Because the:

– March 10, 2017, an increase of 1,890% posted;

– May 21, 2017, trading at a price of $ 0.0042 per coin;

– April 14, 2018, priced at $ 0.041;

– January 28, 2021, with a 1,100% price explosion;

– srl.

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Otherwise, on the day of May 8, 2021, DOGE broke its own records from the past by reaching a new ATH of $ 0.7375. Note that this took place just before Elon Musk took the SNL degree.

May 8 marks the anniversary of Elon Musk’s first appearance on SNL

Saturday Night Live (SNL) was delighted to welcome Tesla’s CEO on May 8, 2021. An appointment that was not short of interest among NBC (CMCSA) and YouTube (Alphabet Inc.) viewers.

As a guest, Musk provided some cryptocurrency advice by borrowing the role of Lloyd Ostertag (financial expert). At the same time, he called ” Dogeathair “. His mediator at the time was Michel Che, presenter » Weekend Update nicknamed Colin Jost.

Here’s what he said about cryptocurrencies:

They are a form of digital money, but instead of being controlled by central government, they are decentralized using blockchain technology. »

Just to tell viewers about the origins of Dogecoin, Elon Musk said:

Well, actually, it started as a joke based on an internet meme. But now it is supported in a very serious way. »

After Jost asked about the benefits of DOGE, Ostertag replied:

It is a non-stop financial vehicle that will take over the world. At the moon! »

However, Ostertag did not fail to surprise the world by answering it when asked if Dogecoin was a scam.

After May 8, 2021

The episode “SNL” with Elon Musk was about the record price of Dogecoin ATH. Unfortunately, the wedge has not come close to $ 0.7375 since.

The same episode, on the other hand, remains one of the most watched in the history of the ” Saturday Night Live “. Of the 46 in the season, 7.3 million viewers were able to delight Tesla’s boss presence on the series. The people with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle have the same success as the May 8 show.

As for Tesla shares, they rose just after the appearance of the American billionaire of South African descent. Despite a small drop in June and July 2021, November also saw an ATH of $ 1,243.49. There has been a 25% increase so far.

Other than that, Elon Musk is still the richest man on the planet with an estimated asset of $ 247 billion (Bloomberg Billionaire Index). He recently offered Twitter for $ 54.20 per share. Possession that was the subject of ridicule during a recent episode of SNL.

As of May 8, 2022, DOGE was trading at $ 0.1255. That’s an 83% drop from last year’s ATH.

Source: Bezinga

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