Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are saturated – Chimpzee is the next 100X Meme Coin –

Dogecoin und Shiba Inu sind gesättigt - Chimpzee ist der nächste 100X Meme Coin

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One of the most promising crypto sectors is meme coins. There is no doubt about it. But now he is attracted to investing in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and aiming for 100x returns. They are already saturated with $10.98 billion and a market cap of $5.9 billion.

The best way to take advantage of the meme coin mania that rewarded early investors with 14016.26% (DOGE) and 620240.86% (SHIB) ROI is through presales. Discover fun and useful meme bases before they become big. The latest example is chimp – a meme base powered by the mission to positively impact the environment and save animals, while opening up plenty of passive income opportunities.

How meme mania can save the planet – Chimpzee shows the way

Chimpzee is one of the unique projects entering the crypto market this year. While we’ve seen plenty of meme bases before, Chimpzee is the first to integrate a strong green mission into the niche. Chimpzee is using the tire meme craze to draw attention to wildlife conservation and climate change.

To understand the market relevance of the project, we should first consider the alarming increase in the number of endangered species and the rate of deforestation. The decline in flora and fauna is affecting the climate worldwide and therefore our future is at risk. Average global land and sea temperatures have increased by 0.14 degrees Celsius in each decade since 1880, according to NOAA’s 2021 annual climate report. Almost a million species of animals and plants will soon become extinct.

Interestingly, humans will also disappear due to the gradual extinction of flora and fauna. After all, we are part of the ecosystem without our being there. It is time we act to end the destruction of wildlife habitat, the release of pollutants into the environment and the overexploitation of natural resources. The key is to understand how climate change and wildlife destruction are interdependent.

We cannot save the human species without saving animals and forests. Everyone knows this, but few are doing it. And this is where Chimpzee comes in.

Chimpzee Meme Coin

The platform uses blockchain and crypto incentives to encourage more people to participate in the fight against climate change. Recognizing the need for global coordination, they set aside 10% of their entire coin supply as donations to organizations working for the same cause. Partner organizations include The Giving Block, One Tree Planted and the WILD Foundation.

As the project grows, it will work with other initiatives and update the website with their information to ensure greater transparency and accountability. The website will also set up an online donation tracker, which will show the positive contribution of the project.

This is how the Chimpzee ecosystem works

The main benefit of Chimpzee is the Chimpzee NFT Passport. It not only gives you membership in the community, but also other benefits and rewards in the ecosystem. Chimpzee Transformation Generator is an AI-based desktop and mobile application that creates an individual NFT pass for each user. It turns your photo into a unique personal avatar.

With the Chimpzee NFT Pass, you get access to various features of the platform, you can sell it on the Chimpzee NFT Market and most importantly, it gives you more rewards, benefits and higher earnings than a person without a pass. And if you’re interested, you can print it on various products at the Chimpzee print shop, showing your commitment to the initiative.

A chimpzee ecosystem

The Chimpzee ecosystem offers three ways to make money.

  • The Chimpzee Shop sells unique items. By purchasing these products you show your support for climate protection. And how? Chimpzee donates a portion of the profit made through the platform to charity. And it rewards you with passive income in CHMPZ coins.
  • Chimpzee NFT Market: The first NFT marketplace to share a portion of profits from trading fees with users. Basically, the platform allows you to trade and earn your way to a better world. On the marketplace’s main page, you’ll find environmentally focused NFTs as well as popular and promising NFTs from various projects. They are checked to ensure there is no overlap.
  • Zero Tolerance Game: It allows you to earn CHMPZ coins and premium prizes by immersing yourself in an epic adventure that encourages young people to take part in climatic missions.

At the heart of Chimzpee’s story is Max Chimpzeeski, a brilliant scientist with a heart of gold. He has dedicated his life to saving the planet from the destruction of wildlife and the climate crisis. His mission with Chimpzee succeeds. Half human, half monkey, and half machine, Chimpzee can use his unmatched strength and wisdom to eradicate animal poaching and logging.

The Chimpzee Map

Chimpzee Presale is now live: With an attractive bonus for early investors

As the crypto market matures, investors are more and more in favor of innovative projects that create real change. This is especially true for traditional investors waiting for the right cryptocurrency window. Chimpzee has already attracted attention as evidenced by the rapidly growing community. But we can expect the project to partner with more traditional brands and initiatives in the coming months as word spreads.

Chimpzee’s focus on the human need for reward and recognition, also in the area of ​​animal welfare and climate protection, underlines its relevance to the market. The platform motivates people in meaningful ways to save the planet while earning passive rewards. It gives investors both short term and long term gains.

Chimpzee Signaling

Considering these characteristics, CHMPZ is expected to reach a market capitalization of USD 1 billion within a month of its launch, which will bring multiple returns to users. While the price will increase 20x to 30x in the days after the token launch, the launch of the ecosystem can give pre-sale investors 100x ROI by the end of the year.

Since the price will increase as the pre-sale enters new phases, it is better to confirm the signal early. CHMPZ is being sold at an initial price of $0.0005 each at the time of writing. The listing price is $0.00185.

Last updated 16 May 2023

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