Does Cardano (ADA) Need Other Cryptos to Take Off?

Does Cardano (ADA) Need Other Cryptos to Take Off?

Charles Hoskinson has recently targeted the Ethereum (ETH) community regarding their attitude towards Cardano (ADA). The co-founder of Input Output Global (IOG) blames the public, as well as Ethereum developers, for criticizing his crypto. According to him, it is clear that Cardano (ADA) does not need the approval of other cryptocurrencies to change the world. Find out why ADA doesn’t want the rest of the crypto industry, according to Charles Hoskinson.

How would Cardano (ADA) be better?

Former Ethereum team member Charles Hoskinson created ADA to compete with ether. Since Cardano’s launch, Hoskinson hasn’t stopped comparing it to Ethereum. Additionally, he recently claimed that his blockchain has a much more efficient Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism than Ethereum. He has too critical the Ethereum Classic (ETC) which he considers to be a bad investment choice.

The Ethereum community does not miss the opportunity to criticize Cardano in turn, which displeases Hoskinson. In response to recent criticism leveled by Cardano, Charles said that the community is still stuck on events related to the launch of Ethereum in 2014. Still, they should admit that it is legitimate to talk about the differences between the two networks.

“I’ve always wondered why the Ethereum community is so interested in the six months I was there in 2014 and then after the merger everything made sense. They seem to really like the technology and events of 2014.”

According to Hoskinson, Cardano does not need other cryptocurrencies to succeed. “Mass adoption has yet to happen, and we can reach billions of users without poaching a single participant from Bitcoin or Ethereum. We just need to be good at solving real life problems. And that’s what our community is focused on“, he said.

Charles Hoskinson lamented that the Ethereum community is rejecting Cardano because it hurts the crypto industry. Community perception would slow adoption, collaboration and cross-platform integration. However, none of the divisions in the crypto sector will stop Cardano from changing the world, according to Hoskinson.

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