Does bitcoin need a marketing department? Mannheimer Review

Does bitcoin need a marketing department?  Mannheimer Review

Bitcoin (BTC) has grown and reached a height that no one could have imagined. But it’s not just a sign! Bitcoin is also a new and decentralized organization based entirely on protocol. So attraction goes hand in hand with fear. So how do you get people to take it on a larger scale?

We need to educate the bitcoin market!

The crypto sector is complex and some have formed a closed circle. With the expansion of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are trying to get started. However, they do not necessarily understand how the environment works. This leads them to dubious trading platforms that end up scamming them. But this is not the most serious one. According to Max Mannheimer, integration is essential if we are to recover bitcoin and break all records.

This requires the creation of a marketing department. The latter would allow amateurs and new bitcoin (BTC) members to be supervised. By supporting new entrants to the sector, we promote massive acceptance of bitcoin and also media coverage. Because of how the blockchain works, the major encryption is often subject to negative reviews and cannot defend itself, because it does not have a board of directors. As a result, in the face of the attacks, bitcoin inevitably sinks.

Thus a marketing department would be able to educate the market on bitcoin, in different ways of course. Moreover, the goal is to make it known as it really is. This requires the acceptance of all categories of investors. Instead of rejecting potential customers because they do not understand BTC ethics, it would be better to supervise them. Enthusiasts believe that the complexity of the industry can only be understood by them. However, with a little education, many crypto-friendly communities could embrace bitcoin.

Present the benefits of taking BTC higher

Bitcoin has many known and unknown benefits. People tend to limit themselves to its instability in order to judge it. Between ecologists, financiers and politically progressive, the number of crypto flagship swaps is growing every day. And excluding customers is nonsense because they do not understand the industry. Max Mannheimer believes that we should consider subtle methods to introduce everyone to cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular.

This marketing goes through simple things. However, gold-rejecting banners in favor of bitcoin on websites or billboards in the downtown of major cities do not help. What it would take is to show people who have abused the system what bitcoin could do for them. Looking at the current situation, it’s basically about what you can accomplish with BTC. Therefore, since people do not trust technology, they should be shown the benefits of bitcoin and how it can help them in everyday life.

The problem so far is that Bitcoiners do not want to step up with others. They see Bitcoin as a closed organization that is only accessible to elected officials. And yet, the public blockchain is of great significance: its continued availability for exploration. Thanks to a marketing assembly, investors will be able to see the various movements of their funds. Increased transparency builds trust and attracts new customers.

Max Mannheimer’s analysis makes logical sense. If people knew bitcoin better, they would be more likely to embrace it. However, enthusiasts should learn how to open up and share their knowledge.

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